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Recruiters' most hated words

23 Oct 15  | Recruitment News
Recruiters' most hated words

We’ve all got that word that just instantly makes our skin crawl and our shoulders creep up somewhere near our ears, as though we can block out the sound of it, even after we’ve heard its hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck raising syllables. For many, it’s moist (sorry!). For others, throbbing tops the list of cringe-worthy words, while still others can’t stand new additions to modern language, such as ‘fleek’, or strangely off-putting names of fruit, like kumquat.


Inspired by Knix Wear’s #WorstWords campaign trending across Twitter over the summer, recruitment training provider socialtalent polled recruiters to find out their most hated recruitment-related words, and boy, did the community respond! There are quite a few words that are really beginning to tick recruiters off, whether it’s because they’re self-aggrandising or simply outdated and overused. Here, for your Friday afternoon enjoyment, are a few of the best responses:

Buzzwords coming out of your ears:

Calling candidates pretty much anything other than ‘candidates’:

Strange, overused and abhorrently vague job ad phrases:

Ridiculous adjectives to use when describing a job:

So go on - you must be dying to get it off your chest - let us hear your most hated recruitment words, terms and phrases, and have a fantastic Friday!

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From a recruiter "amazing job" or "exciting job"
Posted by: Raymond Cragg, Date 09 November 2015, 01:52 PM
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