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Tales of Commuter Woe

28 Sep 15  | CBSbutler
Tales of Commuter Woe

We’ve all told them, we’ve all heard them; in fact many of us have an entire book’s worth of our own… Commuter horror stories are a modern day epidemic.

Every Friday night, it seems, the cities’ worker bees up and down the land swarm to their local watering holes to share the latest in their epic sagas of commuter horror.

In London, the average daily commute has increased by 3 minutes per day since 2008, from 76mins to 79, which means an extra ten hours spent in the car, or on the trains, each year. In the South-East, the average daily commute has increased by 5 minutes since 2008, from 55 mins to one hour. This means that the average person is spending an extra 20hours travelling to and from work each year.

The average daily bus commute has increased by 3 minutes since 2008, leading to an extra 14 hours per year on the bus, and those who take the tube have seen a similar increase.

With this much more time spent on the daily commute, it is hardly surprising that those tales of woe seem to be on the rise. We've all got a friend who works in the City and endlessly regales us with his tales of how he is delayed by a minimum of half an hour on the trains, on at least 3 days per week. The moaning might get tedious, but if you think about it... That’s an average of 90 minutes per week, which, assuming he works around 45 weeks a year, means 60 hours per year ON TOP of his normal commute, thanks to a leaf on the tracks, or a half-inch of snow.

The internet, being such a wonderful medium for sharing your woes with others, is absolutely chock-a-block with hilarious, heart-rending and down-right weird commuter stories. We’ve collected a few of our favourites, and we’d love to hear yours, so jump in on the conversation with #commuterhell or #commuterwoes.

And this is just gold, purely for the use of the phrase 'trouser furniture':

And finally, this, from Melbourne, Australia:

Share your best (or worst!) commuter tales of horror with #commuterhell or #commuterwoes and let's have a giggle on a Monday! 
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