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The End of the World - or a Chance for Change?

25 Sep 15  | CBSbutler
The End of the World - or a Chance for Change?

The skies are full of rocks at the moment, it seems. Yesterday the 270-metre asteroid 2012 TTF passed us at a distance of around 5 million miles, and in the closing days of September we are due no less than six “near-earth” fly-bys.

The closest of these by far, however, is 2015 SZ2, an asteroid with a maximum estimated diameter of around 53m, which will pass the Earth on or around the 30th September at a distance of roughly 309,000 miles, or 1.3 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon. An asteroid of this size would be capable, if it hit the earth, of destroying a city the size of London all the way out to the M25 boundary.

There’s nothing to be worried about, however. The internet has been afire for months with doomsday predictions, fuelled by the unusual number of close passes and a hodgepodge of various superstitions and half-baked theories, and NASA even took the unusual measure earlier in the week of tweeting out reassurances that the world is not, in fact, about to end.

With what’s known as a ‘blood moon’ also on the horizon, this weekend’s skies are sure to be worth watching.

Provided we’re all still here come Monday morning, why not take advantage of the second chance we’ve been given and give your career a new lease of life too?!

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