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Top 10 Tips for Career Longevity

9 Sep 15  | CBSbutler
Top 10 Tips for Job Longevity 


  1. Take responsibility for your own career

    Advancing in any line of business takes time, patience and a lot of effort, and it will not happen on its own. Many organisations will provide their employees with some sort of structure for progression, but when it comes down to the line, the person with the most vested interest in your career is you, and it is up to you to make sure you’re moving in the right direction. 

  2. Keep learning

    Improving and expanding your skill base is essential in the effort to make sure your job stands the test of time. Long-term employment in the same role or with the same company can lead to stagnation, and it is important to make sure you keep your skills and knowledge up to date. Take the initiative and keep yourself current by partaking of professional development courses offered by your employer or engaging in self-study. The internet is chock-full of opportunities to improve or learn new skills.

  3. Don’t let yourself get bored

    If you feel like your current responsibilities are failing to challenge you, ask for more! Try to diversify your workload and mix tasks up: if you have twelve reports to write, find smaller tasks to complete between each report so that you don’t get bogged down in doing the same or similar tasks over and over.

  4.  Be flexible

    Your boss doesn’t want to hear ‘but that’s not in my job description’ – she wants to hear that you’re eager to try something new and take on a little more responsibility. That doesn’t mean letting yourself get walked all over and doing someone else’s job, but it does mean being willing to learn new things and get out of your comfort zone.

  5. Learn about your industry, and your company

    It’s not enough to know how to do your own job – you need to learn about the industry you work in as a whole, and you need to know more about the company you work for than just the small part of the picture you contribute. Learning about the structure of your company can also help you to see where opportunities for progression may lie.

  6. Find a mentor

    If you can, find someone to mentor you. This might be your boss, or someone in the same job as you who’s simply been doing it for longer. While self-study is important, you might miss out on some of the insights that someone who’s a little longer in the tooth discovered years ago.

  7. Don’t be a lone wolf

    It is much easier to enjoy your job – and to stay there longer – when you have friends at work. Even an unpleasant job can be fun if you have the right people around you. Taking part in the social events arranged by your company or colleagues can lead to friendships which can help you through the worst Mondays, and make it easier to stay in the same place for much longer.

  8. Make time for yourself 

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And a very stressed, probably depressed one. Make sure that you take time for yourself, whether it’s a holiday, a weekend at the spa or golf course, or just an hour’s relaxed reading in the evening. You should be working to live, remember, not living to work.

  9. Create an action plan

    Map out where you want to be next year; in five years; in ten. If you don’t know the ways in which you want to progress, how can you expect anyone else to? Create a career plan that will challenge you, but is achievable. Revisit and revise it as needed, and strive to exceed it where you can.

  10. Ask for a promotion

    If you deserve it, why not ask for it? Progressing in your career will make you feel much happier about staying with the same company, and often it takes that little nudge for your boss to realise both how valuable you are, and how much you deserve that promotion.
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Posted by: Russ, Date 10 September 2015, 02:22 PM
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