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'Blue Monday' sees Brits hit the job trail

28 Jan 14  | Recruitment News
'Blue Monday' sees Brits hit the job trail.

'Blue Monday' is expected to set the tone as Brits flock to the job boards in January to start the year with a new position. The first Monday of every New Year has long been associated with depression, as the Christmas joy abates and New Year's resolutions bring back stark reality.

This so-called 'Blue Monday' is identified as the day when a disproportionately high number of Brits decide to change their life, whether it's by getting a divorce, moving house or getting a new job.   

As such, recruiters have broken with tradition and instead began labeling the first day of the New Year working week 'Massive Monday'. This, they note, is because companies taking on new starters may find their applications generating more responses than usual, as Brits begin bringing about their large-scale life changes.

Those looking for new jobs are most likely to be in their 20s and 30s, after a report published by found that it was these ages when people are most likely to abandon the safety of their current position and instead embark on an entirely new career.

By the time Brits reach their 40s, however, they are more likely to have settled into the role from which they will eventually retire.

Those looking at roles in digital marketing, meanwhile, may find they are awash with potential positions, thanks to the still-booming industry.

"There's no need to be stuck between a rock and a hard place," journalist Angela Haggerty told "Brand new niches and skills requirements are emerging all the time and all that's required is a little time and attention to find your place."
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