Young people need more training before heading into work

A new survey reveals that many young people lack the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the workplace, as 54 per cent of 14-25 year olds said they do not have the practical skills needed to get a job at entry-level

According to, 24 per cent of young people believe their lack of careers education is to blame for not acquiring the skills needed to land a job, says the report by Barclays LifeSkills. Another 30 per cent said they simply need more training in order to be successful at work.

Worryingly, 25 per cent do not know how to present themselves at work, such as what they should wear. Moreover, a quarter are unable to state what times it's okay to use their personal mobile phone in the workplace.

Barclays also conducted a survey of business leaders, who mostly agreed that young people often don't know how to act at work. Over half (55 per cent), say school leavers find it difficult to speak to clients or suppliers on the phone. In addition, 43 per cent claim they have no idea on when they should take breaks and how long for.

Kirstie Mackey, head of Barclays LifeSkills, says more needs to be done to fill the gap in careers education.

"Not only are young people struggling to gain the confidence to carry out tasks, but businesses don't believe they have the skills for entry level roles," she explained, reports "The problem needs to be addressed."

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