Building Controls & BMS papers released

BRE has recently produced a series of information papers aimed at assisting non-technical clients and building occupiers to specify building controls.

This will allow for the provision of comfortable climate management for a building’s occupants, coupled with the lowest possible energy consumption.

They are ‘Information paper 1/14: understanding the choices for building controls’ and Information paper 2/14: operating BEMS: a practical guide to building energy management systems’.

IP 1/14, prepared with the support of ESTA and Siemens Building Technologies, attempts to address public perception that cutting-edge building controls technologies can be overly technical and complex to operate. This document provides some clarity on the different control systems available, offers advice on where and why each system can, and should be used, along with advice on how to apply a technology to get an effective solution.

IP 2/14, prepared with the support of Schneider Electric and ESTA, provides practical instructions on the effective operation of a BEMS to maximise potential energy savings. It also covers building-management software such as analytics and automatic HVAC optimisation. 

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