Dress to Impress - What Should You Wear to an Interview?

Dress to Impress 
What Should You Wear to an Interview? 

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, and when you've got a hundred-and-one things on your mind, one thing you don't want to have to worry about is what to wear. 

Dress a Level Up
A good rule of thumb is to dress 'a level up'. This means choosing an outfit that is perhaps a degree or two more professional than the role you're interviewing for. An automotive mechanic, for example, wouldn't turn up to an interview for a new role wearing his dirty overalls, despite the fact that dirty overalls are exactly what he'd be wearing on the job, should he get it. Adding a little polish to your normal work attire is a great way to show that you are serious about the company and job opportunity for which you're applying. 

First Impressions Count
Remember that what you wear is unlikely to win you the job, but it might lose it: choosing your outfit is more about not taking yourself out of the running, than giving you a head-start. First impressions are important; an interviewer can decide in ten seconds that you're not a fit for the company, but it usually takes a lot longer to decide that you are right. It's better to err on the side of caution, as dressing conservatively is unlikely to disqualify you from the running, but dressing too eclectically could. 

Use Your Judgement
Find out what normal attire is for the particular company you're interviewing with. A suit isn't always necessary, and it's absolutely fine to inquire about the dress code while you're setting up the interview: this will mean that you can be confident that you'll feel comfortable when you arrive and not stand out, which is always a good start to an interview. 

Play the Game
Some say that it's pointless to dress one way for an interview, when you'd dress a completely different way on the job, but we think it simply shows commitment and respect. It also shows that you know how to 'play the game' - if the way you dress is very important to you, take your chances, but know that it might lose you the job you're aiming for.