British Aerospace Industry Remains Strong Despite Brexit Vote

British Aerospace Industry Remains Strong Despite 'Brexit' Result

Boeing to Create 2000 New Jobs in UK Aerospace Industry

A new strategic partnership between the UK and aerospace giant Boeing, and £365m worth of R&D projects, will ensure the UK's future at the fore of the global aerospace industry and lead to the creation of around 2,000 new jobs within the field, according to a press release issued by the Prime Minister yesterday.  

The UK has signed a contract to purchase 9 new Boeing P8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft, which will be deployed to protect the UK's new aircraft carriers. The UK government and Boeing will collaborate to build a new £100m P-8A operational support and training base at RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland, which will create more than 100 new jobs. Boeing has confirmed that their plans involve the creation of around 2000 new jobs in the UK and an increase in their R&D investments. 

The Prime Minister also announced that a further £365m worth of aerospace R&D projects have been approved, which will be jointly funded by both industry and government and form a part of the work of the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP). The AGP will publish a new strategy at Farnborough Air Show outlining plans to maintain the UK aerospace sector's leading global position, including a new supply chain competitiveness charter which has been agreed to and signed by 11 major companies across the aerospace sector. 

"Whatever uncertainties our country faces, I want the message to go out loud and clear: the UK will continue to lead the world in both civil and defence aerospace," David Cameron said. "We aren't just open for investment: we are a place the global aerospace industry wants to do business [sic] - as Boeing's long-term partnership with the UK proves."

"It's also important to put government investment where it counts. That's why we are jointly funding the new R&D fund with the aerospace industry and why I'm pleased we have today signed the contract for 9 new P8 Maritime Patrol Aircraft for the Royal Air Force, underlining the UK's commitment to spending on vital defence."

These announcements serve as a clear indication that the aerospace and defence industry will continue to thrive in the UK, despite the result of the 'Brexit' referendum and its inherent uncertainty, and reflect the upturn in current vacancies we are currently seeing across the Technical Engineering Recruitment Teams here at CBSbutler.

Pledges of further investment in engineering projects and the creation of 2000 new jobs is of course, very welcome news indeed. We expect that the commitment of the UK government to provide funding for  such vital aerospace and defence projects will continue through this period of uncertainty and provide a model for other international companies and organisations to continue investing in UK industry post-Brexit.

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