CBSLive is a success!

CBSLive is a success! 

Our Festival-themed Day of Development has been a roaring success, with an incredible level of energy across the floor and a fantastic number of new roles and candidates being added to our books. 

The day has involved an all-day competition to drive high levels of activity, with a top prize of a bottle of Veuve, as well as a number of other prizes including wine, miniature trophies and glow sticks – to really get that Festival Feeling in the air! 

Steph and Fraser got in a quick game of badminton 

The morning break involved a game with paper airplanes, which caused no end of trouble when we realised that roughly half of the office didn't know how to make one! With that minor hitch remedied, the game commenced, and resulted in a great exchange of ideas amongst our staff. 

The Defence IT team get their airplanes ready...

Hannah and Isobel had quite a giggle getting their planes made

At lunch, everyone trooped out into the beautiful sunshine and onto our gorgeous rural grounds to play a quick team-bonding game, which saw them split into teams, wrapped – together! – in cling film, and racing to the other end of the field. It was a great giggle, and created an enthused, excitable atmosphere as everyone headed back inside for the afternoon’s session. 

Our teams get wrapped in preparation for their race...

Team 4 might struggle to run facing inwards!

Team 1 have got the right idea - they're all facing in one direction!

Team 3 are working together to get their speed up - but they do look like they're about to topple!

Marvin won the day's competition, landing himself a lovely bottle of bubbly. Congrats, Marvin!

“I’ve really enjoyed the Festival today – there’s been an amazing level of energy in the office and everyone’s really gotten involved. It’s been a lot of fun!” – Annalise Wright, Recruitment Resourcer

The Festival today has created a really good atmosphere – everyone’s been feeling pumped up and positive. There’s been tons of activity on the phones today so it’s definitely been effective, and everyone’s really enjoyed the competitive element and the chance to win prizes!” – Fraser Hamilton, Recruitment Consultant

CBSLive has been an absolute buzz to be a part of! It’s given me a renewed focus and passion for sales, and reminded me of some of the basics. It’s been fun, interactive and very busy – I’ve gotten several leads and some great new contacts today! I’m really impressed with how involved everyone’s gotten too; we’ve had a lot of laughs!” - Stephanie Willis, Divisional Manager

Steph is overjoyed with her miniature trophy

The Festival has energised individuals right across the floor and brought the team as a whole up a notch. An injection of urgency has meant increased activity, setting the bar for the floor and giving managers a reference point to try and maintain as we move forward.” – Alex Edwards, Business Manager

The Festival has been great fun, and served to drive spectacular levels of activity across our sales teams. Well done, guys, let's keep the energy up for the rest of the week!

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