Autonomy at CBSbutler

Autonomy at CBSbutler

No-one likes to be micro-managed. Working under a manager who can’t help but hover by your shoulder saps your creativity and stifles your innovative abilities. When someone is breathing down your neck all the time it can be very difficult to try something new, as the fear of failure is always magnified when we’re being watched and feeling judged.

At CBSbutler our consultants benefit from the ability to choose their own path, and walk it their own way: all we ask is that we see positive results. 

One of the key benefits consultants experience at CBSbutler – alongside the great basic, fantastic commission and strong, structured support – is a sense of autonomy in the way they run their business, because that’s how we see it: each consultant who works for the CBSbutler family is building their own network, their own desk and essentially their own business.

Good recruitment is all about building strong networks based on trust and mutual benefit, and it’s the personal brands of our consultants that collectively form the CBSbutler trademark of ethical and professional recruitment. 

What is autonomy?

Autonomy at work means having the freedom to make your own decisions: to build your business in the way you think best, without the added pressure of management glancing over your shoulder every other second.

Staff perform better when they are trusted to work to the best of their ability without being watched like truant school-children, and they're more likely to develop strong loyalty to a company which trusts and values them.

Valuing autonomy means that our staff are hired simply because they're the best for the job, and are given the tools and support to get on with that job without being micro-managed.

So what exactly does autonomy look like at CBSbutler?

  • The freedom to choose your own market or sector, with the only caveats being that the industry you propose fits within our service portfolio of white collar Technical and Engineering Recruitment, and that you can demonstrate an avenue for success within this particular market.

  • The opportunity to build your business and your team the way you want: need predominately resourcers? That’s fine. Prefer to populate your team with 360 consultants? That’s fine too. As long as your choices are a fit for the company and can demonstrate their ability, it’s up to you who joins your team.

  • The choice to leverage international markets – with clients and candidates across the globe, our consultants are able to take on roles anywhere in the world, giving them the widest reach possible to ensure that their clients and candidates are never limited, and always presented with the best possible opportunities regardless of location.  

  • Fantastic back-office support, with experts providing CV services, payroll, IT and accounting support and much more, giving our consultants more time to recruit, and letting them spend less time on administration, which is better for everyone!

If all this sounds appealing, why not join the CBSbutler family? 

Give Colin a call on  07738042827/01737 824891 or send your CV to to learn about the opportunities we could offer you!