Benefits of Using Agency Recruiters: for Clients and Candidates

The Benefits of Using Agencies for your Recruitment Needs –
for Clients and Candidates

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Recruiters provide an important, valuable service to businesses and jobseekers alike. However, it seems that all too often, a bad experience or two, well publicised, tars the reputation of all recruiters and obliterates all the brilliant work we do on a daily basis.

The benefits of using a professional, specialised recruiter can be myriad for both sides of the employment transaction - I’ve listed a few below:

For Candidates

Recruitment agencies provide a one-stop-shop for candidates, enabling job-seekers to speak to just one contact, who can get to know them properly and become an avenue for exposure to multiple positions. By forgoing the use of an agency recruiter, candidates end up having to manage their own job-hunt process, often meaning they have to speak to hiring managers and internal recruiters numbering perhaps in the dozens in order to have a chance at a similar number of opportunities. 

Recruitment professionals spend their days working with employers across their industries, giving them unrivalled insights into industry-related information such as current salary bandings and activity within the sector.

Working with a recruitment consultant affords candidates a number of benefits in their job hunt, which include:
  • The opportunity to have your CVs polished, primped and perfected by the experts.

  • Confidence that any company we recommend to you is vouched for by us, and will provide you with a great employee experience. 

  • Helpful information about the companies we put you forward to, beyond what may be available on their website or the job description, to give you the best chance of knowing how to present yourself as the solution to their problem.

  • Assistance with interview preparation, including information and insight into the company, interviewer and position, guidance on interview structure, and any further information required. Role-play practice of interview questions is available for those who feel that it would be beneficial. 

  • Management of interviews, liaising with both employer and prospective employee to arrange times and dates which work for everyone.

  • Middle-man duties: we’ll help you ask any questions you might be finding difficult to communicate to your interviewer/hiring manager.

  • Help organising references and testimonials.

  • Assistance with salary/offer negotiation, helping you to get the very best offer possible.

  • Providing assistance with handing in notices at current places of employment, or corresponding with your line manager/boss on your behalf.

  • Third party feedback: if at first we don’t succeed, we’ll provide you with detailed feedback to help make your next interview a success. We don’t stop until you’re happy with your new job – however long that takes!

Candidates can save themselves time and effort by using an efficient, successful agency within their specialist field, and open up a whole world of opportunities they might never have found otherwise.

For Employers

Using a specialist recruitment agency can provide myriad advantages to employers too:

  • Provision of industry-related information such as current wage levels and candidate activity.

  • Supply of CV short-lists, full of the best available candidates for your role.

  • Save time by meeting only candidates who have been pre-qualified. This essentially means that anyone you interview has already been through a pre-interview and vetting process with us.

  • Middle-man duties: we’ll help you deliver difficult or negative feedback, and assist with communications throughout the hiring process.

  • Interview and assessment days, which consist of a full day of pre-screened interviews to save time and expedite the hiring process.

  • Navigating the murky waters of offers and counter offers: candidates tend to feel more comfortable discussing feedback and options with a neutral third party, as this allows them to be entirely honest about interviews and offers. This allows us to have frank conversations with your prospective hires and get to the bottom of what may be holding them back from accepting your offer.

  • Sourcing and verifying references and testimonials. 

  • Assistance with salary/offer negotiation to make sure you get the most qualified professional available at a price that suits both you and your newest hire.

  • Benefit from a rebate period: unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way we hope. At CBSbutler we can proudly say that these circumstances are by far the minority, but in order to protect our clients we employ a 12-week rebate period. Our work doesn’t stop when we place a new hire with you: we are committed to making sure those new hires stick!
Choosing to use a productive, specialist agency can save you time and money and provides the benefits of an expert in your corner, scouring the market for the very best professionals to fill your vacancies. 

Using a specialist recruitment agency can provide immense advantages for both sides of the hiring equation, and at CBSbutler we pride ourselves in being the best of the best. We’ve got expert recruiters in a number of highly specialised sectors within the diverse fields of Engineering, Manufacturing and ICT, who leverage their vast knowledge base to give an unrivalled service in terms of information, support and successful placements. 

Whether you need help finding your next opportunity, or you’re on the hunt for your newest employee, we can help.
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