It's Back to School for CBSbutler!

CBSbutler are going back to school!

Today (Friday 30th Sept) it’s Back to School Day at CBSbutler! After the success of our last themed Sales Day, CBSbutler Live, we’re very excited to see what the next one brings!

The format of the day is based on a good ol’ day of school, with lessons, subjects and even a session of ‘PE’. There’ll be points and gold stars up for grabs, with prizes at the end of the day for those with the most points. 

So How Does It Work?

Each team will be working together, and have been all a-twitter this week, discussing team names, colours and outfit plans. The day will be portioned up into ‘lessons’, including four periods throughout the day, the usual lunch break and even an End-of-Day Assembly for congratulations and prize-giving. 

The Subjects

There are six different subjects for our consultants to ‘study’, including History, Geography, English, Maths, Languages and Business Studies. Within each ‘subject’, there exist different ways to score points: for example, scoring points in History requires actions such as booking meetings or agreeing Terms of Business with dormant clients, while points are scored in English by recording client and candidate testimonials or by booking interviews achieved via candidate marketing. Doing well in Foreign Languages means securing a lead for new business overseas, while excelling in Geography is all about securing jobs in a variety of locations. The Head Boy and Girl will also be roaming the floor throughout the day, supported by their Prefects (our Team Leaders!), and handing out gold stars for particularly great phone calls they hear, or for anything else they feel deserves rewarding. 

Lastly, a half-hour PE session will be a nostalgic look back to our school days, with a conkers tournament!

The Prizes

There are loads of ways to win prizes! The team with the highest collective score will win a bottle of wine each plus the right to skip out of the office at 3pm next Friday. The highest individual scorer will be rewarded with a bottle of champagne and the same early finish, while the highest individual scorers in each subject will win a bottle of wine each. 

In addition, for every 3 gold stars the resourcers and consultants win, they can visit the CBSbutler Tuck Shop and help themselves to a bag of sweets. 

Those with a sweet tooth but lacking the gold stars can choose to donate some money to the Rainbow Trust in order to attain Tuck Shop rights. 

Why, you ask?

The aim of the day is to drive high levels of activity, try some new business development tactics and engagement strategies and, most of all, to have some fun!

Check back next week to hear who won and see the photos!

Fancy getting involved with the CBSbutler fun?

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