There's No Slow-Down Here!

There's No Brexit Slow-Down Here!

We've heard a lot in the news lately about the results of the Brexit vote on June 23rd having a huge effect on the British economy, and causing a slow down in hiring. In June, the Financial Times reported a 'prolonged slowdown' in the City's hiring market, while just a couple of weeks ago, the CIPD reported a slowing in employers' decision making regarding hiring.

We're not seeing that 'hiring slump' - there's no slow down at CBSbutler! Our Engineering, Manufacturing and Defence teams work across a massive variety of industries within those sectors and are busier than ever. Some of our key clients, particularly those with loyal international export businesses, are seeing amazing levels of business, with high levels of available roles thanks to increased orders and even expansion.

We've got active vacancies in a multitude of sectors, including Aerospace, Rocket Motors, Defence Consultancies, Satellite Communications, Formula One and Electronic Manufacturing, among others, providing us with some very exciting opportunities for our candidates from all disciplines. Across all of these sectors, we've seen no downturn. 

One reason for our continued high levels of business is that the decrease in the value of the pound has enabled an increase in manufacturing outputs, which of course creates more jobs, particularly among manufacturing-rich industries. Manufacturing is one of our core markets, across a massive variety of industries, and we are more than happy to help our clients take advantage of this manufacturing boom. 

Interested in taking advantage of this incredibly busy period? Need a new role in Engineering, Defence or Manufacturing?

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