9 percent is not enough!

#9% Is Not Enough!

Only 9% of the UK Engineering workforce are women. This incredibly low number is contributing to a number of problems including the skill shortage and the gender pay gap. Getting more women into STEM (Science, ICT, Engineering and Mathematics) is of the utmost importance if we are to have any hope of reaching the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology)'s target of 1.82million more engineers in the UK by 2022. 

The IET has this month launched a new social media awareness campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the very low proportion of UK engineers and technicians who are women. STEM proponents are sharing selfies to social media with '9%' written in black marker on their hands and the hashtag #9percentIsNotEnough, in the hopes that it will encourage more young women - and men! - to study and work in STEM-related fields.

At CBSbutler we believe strongly in the importance of encouraging our young people of all genders to investigate the benefits of a career in STEM fields - after all, we know better than most how rewarding and vitally important those careers can be - and so we are proud to get involved with this awareness campaign. 

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