METALL's third event is almost here!

METALL's Third Event is Almost Here!

The third meeting of METALL - the new Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology business alliance - will meet on the 17th November - places are selling out fast so click here to get your ticket now!

METALL, a new regional alliance for Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology businesses in Sussex and south Surrey and sponsored by local firms CarpenterBox, CBSbutler and asblaw, succeeds the Sussex Manufacturing Forum and widens its scope of awareness by facilitating discussion between professionals from all three complementary sectors to ‘promote good practice, share experience and network with peers’. 

The alliance holds regular meetings for professionals from across these sectors to get together and discuss the vital issues that affect each and all of them. The aim of the alliance is to foster communication and cooperation between businesses across all of these vital industries, with the hope of working together to solve some of the worst pains plaguing their innovation, success and ___.

The sell-out first meeting of the new association was held on the 12th July and was attended by representatives from more than 30 businesses, which between them employ more than 5,000 professionals within the manufacturing, engineering, and technology industries. The topic of this first meeting was ‘Innovation’, and discussions led by keynote speakers Dr Robert Pearson, of Cobham Antennas, and Dr Zoë Webster, of Innovate UK, focused on what innovation looks like, how it can be achieved and how it can be funded. 

“Innovation is born of passion. Passion to solve a problem and provide a solution can drive a project from concept to realisation and when harnessed effectively, it can become a massive and unstoppable force.” 

The second round of discussions featured key speakers Bruce Girvan of Horsham-based Ceres Power and Kevin Brown of Elektra, in Crawley. Elekta, a 900-strong firm, are the world's second-largest supplier of radio therapy and Ceres Power, while a relatively new company and far smaller, have already developed a production line capable of delivering around 8 million of their fuel cells a year. Girvan and Brown presented case studies demonstrating how innovation is developed from conception to market in their very different fields. 

Also in attendance at METALL #2 was Professor Seamus Higson, Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Chicester. Professor Higson updated the attendees on the progress of the new Engineering and Digital Technology Park on the university's Bognor Regis campus, where construction of a landmark building will shortly commence and will open in 2018. Professor Higson detailed the plans of the university to, through the development of the new park, deliver 500 new Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics graduates per annum in Bognor by 2021. Graduates of the new park will leave with professional accreditations as well as practical industry experience. 

METALL #3 will take place on the 17th Nov and will focus on feedback and discussions of this year's Manufacturing and Engineering Report. We will be joined by Philippa Oldham, Head of Manufacturing and Transport at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), who provided the expert commentary on this year's report.

More than 550 businesses took part in the report this year, of which more than 80 were based in our local area of the South East. A range of questions, from Brexit concerns to recruitment and skills issues, were covered in the survey, giving an interesting snapshot of the state of manufacturing and engineering in the UK. We're looking forward to hearing the results of the report, as well as the lively discussions which are bound to follow!

If you'd like to attend the next METALL event, please click here to register your interest, and you'll also receive a copy of the report itself.