METALL: Mind the Gap!

METALL forum


METALL, the regional alliance for Manufacturing, Engineering and Technology businesses, is back for its 5th Forum sponsored by local firms CarpenterBox, CBSbutler and asblaw covering the Sussex and south Surrey area.

The success of METALL has been growing steadily since 2016, there is a positive growing kudos behind the event, perhaps due to the amount of attention STEM education is receiving in the press. Here at CBSbutler, we understand how the skills gap could effect future developments in recruitment, and we strongly believe that young people can bridge the ethnic and gender gaps that prevents woman and minorities working in STEM related jobs. In the past we have supported organisations such as SATRO who aim to inspire young people to become the critical thinkers and innovators for the future. Therefore sponsoring METALL has enabled us to work with an organisation that promotes these ideas and brings people of influence into a room full of HR, manufacturing and technology managers with real decision makers. Their primary aim is to inform, educate and progress in these sectors where an expert panel will discuss the most important and difficult challenges faced by many in the sector today.

June’s meeting will be focusing on the ‘The skills gap and the future of recruitment’. The aim of the event is to foster communication and cooperation between vital industries, who need a new injection of talented and skilled young people. The panel will shed new light and theories on how we can help to ensure growth and development in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, bringing together training ideas, solutions and new approaches on how to encourage our future generation of workers. This will be a great networking occasion to signpost growth opportunities and also attend thought provoking presentations and discussions.

METALL #5 will have discussions led by...

Sir John O’Reily, DSc FREng Hon FIET Hon FIChemE FRAeS.
Chairman of ERA Foundation. Sir John has great insight into the way the government thinks about the sector from his experience as a Director General, knowledge & innovation, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial strategy.

Maggie Philbin OBE, a popular science and technology reporter famous for presenting ‘Tomorrows world’ and ‘Bang goes the theory’. Maggie is currently working as a CEO for ‘TeenTech’ an industry led initiative that supports STEM in the workplace

and finally, Professor Andrew Lloyd from Brighton University, who has practical experience around the provision of engineering teaching in a university setting and has helped to deliver the new Advanced Engineering Centre (AEC) at the university.

Topics for Discussion:

> How best to face up to the uncertainties around Brexit

> The government’s attitude to skills training
> How to encourage and motivate our young people into engineering, manufacturing and technology careers.
> What does the future hold as the apprenticeship levy begins to operate and ‘T’ levels are launched.

If you’d like to attend this June’s event, please register on the METALL website.
We look forward to seeing you there!