The UK's 10 Best job sites

The UK's 10 Best Job sites!

Are you still job hunting after you made that careers related resolution back in January? Do you find the choice for job sites mind blowing? Wouldn't life be more easy if we could give you 10 of the best job sites to search from?

Today’s average recruiter will spend a lot of time investing in job sites, with 26% of them claiming that the job boards are their primary source for hiring candidates. The sheer volume of excellent jobs across all these boards can be mind blowing.

It’s hardly surprising that candidates stumble at this first hurdle as it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right one. But what if we gave you something to break it down with - a snippet guide to the best sites out there right now.

Our friends at Social Talent have put together their latest infographic outlining the Top 10 UK job sites that statistically draw in the most traffic, with the best opportunities. The stats are in, and best job sites are:

Top ten jobs sits for 2016

Changing trends for 2017

Well no surprises here then:

Indeed, is still number No.1 after three years at the top with DirectGov coming in straight in at No.2

However, by the end of the second quarter I am sure we will start to see a different set of stats and trends flying through the Internet. 2017 is already earmarked as the year that social recruitment became a term to define the industry. Not only are we seeing the biggest rise of job seekers using social media in their job search, but there is also a rise in the use of mobile platforms. The digital era has changed recruitment trends; candidates need to be more digitally savvy. Not only are recruiters doing things differently and taking to social media, but also the hire managers are using it as an essential tool. Companies are finding new ways to advertise for talent, so you have to stay a head of the game and make sure you have all your resources aligned.

These top 10 job sites where the best in 2016 and until the 2017 results are published its a good guide to follow. Remember things do change rapidly and people are finding new ways to search for roles. Companies are now more inclined to advertise their roles on social media first, so be sure you are following the right hire managers across their social platforms. Always check out your favourite companies’ website, as they have become very good at making announcements that attract traffic.

With all this information at hand you are now ready to ramp up your activity this year and fulfil any unfulfilled ambitions.

Good luck and happy hunting!