CBSbutler are proud sponsors of 2017 Salary survey

The Salary Survey According to
'The Engineer's'

CBSbutler are proud sponsors of the Engineer's Salary survey for 2017.

Download the digital report below

June 2017

The Engineer's 2017 Salary Survey in partnership with CBSbutler. With decades of experience in recruiting, CBSbutler can attest to having specialist insight into the challenges and opportunities afforded to job seekers. Call us on: 01737 822000 and speak to our specialist consultants who can help answer any questions on this matter.

The report gives us valuable insight into the current mood within the engineering industry. With good news on salaries being up 6.6% from last year, are you being afforded the right pay?

Download the full digital report today and read insightful commentary by David Leyshon, CEO at CBSbutler. We have teamed up with 'the Engineer' and asked over 2,500+ engineers about their role and earnings. The report shows salaries are up 6.6% from last year, and engineering salaries in particular, do compare favourable with other sectors; but the report also highlights a few areas of concern, which adds fuel to the salaries debate. The industry needs an injection of diversified talent who are rewarded accordingly. 

The Engineer's survey brilliantly outlines what is plaguing the industry today, we need to invest in skills and diversity and close the gender pay gap. By offering more lucrative contracts that attracts women and young millennials, (who are looking for a greater sense of purpose at work), we may have a chance of widening our home grown talent pools. Millennial's today want to be in a culture at work that embraces them, develops them and helps them grow into world class engineers. It is very clear that things have to change if the UK engineering industry is going to keep up with global markets especially with Brexit on the horizon.

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