Settled Status for EU workers receives mixed reviews

Settled Status for EU workers receives mixed reviews

What is on offer for EU Nationals?

Last weekend’s decision by Theresa May to flesh out a proposed citizen deal for EU nationals has been welcomed with mixed reviews in the recruitment industry. Her new 15-page document: Safe-guiding the position of EU citizens outlined some interesting new rules and regulations that not everyone is too happy with.

Davide Leyshon CEO of CBSButler welcomed the news with much trepidation,
"In principle, the new citizen deal sounds great for UK plc, especially for those businesses who rely heavily on key migrant workers that have been in the UK for over 5 years; employers are now able retain their most skilled staff, by offering new long term contracts that provides stability for them and their families and that rewards them with the same rights as all UK citizens; but what happens to all those other migrant workers on short contracts in the last 12 months? 

A guaranteed ‘settled status’ for EU nationals who have been here for a lengthy time, could cause recruitment problems in the future. At CBSbutler we specialise in STEM related industries, and we offer a wide selection of short term contracts. So, it is these candidates in particular who are missing out on a ‘Settled status’.

What chance as recruiters do we have to entice candidates to come to the UK, to set up their lives if they have to leave in 12 months’ time? If we can’t offer all EU nationals the same rights and statuses, then how are we going to retain the best talent. We still have a growing skills gap and we look to the EU to fill it."

David Leyshon makes an interesting point here, in one hand we are setting up our most skilled and loyal migrant workers, but at a detrimental cost to anyone new looking to enter the country on a short term contract.