The hunt for new talent starts in June

Is your job search dictated by seasonal patterns and trends? Do you feel you’ve failed your career related new year’s resolution already; now that we are in June and you’ve curbed the level of enthusiasm that made you make that resolution in the first place? What happened to your ‘New year, New Mantra’?

It’s never a bad time to kick start your job search, however when you’ve made that new year’s resolution, and its 6 months down the line and still nothing has changed, I think it may be time to review your tactics and the way you lead your search. We recognise here at CBSbutler that people are constantly analysing and evolving how and when is the right time to start Job-hunting. That’s why by sharing my latest piece of advice I hope I can help drive change and inspire those candidates who feel that the new year is the only time to look for work; in fact, now with the days growing longer and the evenings getting warmer, what better time to re-evaluate your career then now. You’re probably in a better mood and less inclined to feel sorry for yourself.

As a divisional manager at CBSbutler I see it all the time, the New Year is always seen as the time to look for new opportunities or openings, and lots of people accept new roles through the course of January; we historically always see a small hike up in our permanent recruitment fees in March from all those candidates who are looking for a ‘New Me’ fix; CBSbutler has recorded a healthy 1st quarter, but I’m more excited about the way our second quarter is shaping. This is where we see a spike in new candidates and new clients and things start to move quite rapidly.

Armed with this information, what better time to ditch the failed fad diet, unsubscribe to the gym you barely visited, and really start evaluating your unfulfilled New Year resolutions and come up with a new strategy. Start prioritising what really is important to you and properly consider a shift in career rather than being influenced by the pressures of ‘a new year, a new me’ mantra. At CBSbutler we’ve seen a surge in activity through (see here for our latest Job positions) May and now June and over the past 2 years it has been recorded that June brings our highest monthly figures in terms of permanent fee generation. We find that by the end of April candidates are actively seeking jobs, and by the end of May they’ve already sat through their interviews and handed in their resignations.

If you take my advice and adopt a different mantra, then you’ll probably find yourself in a better job, in a better position, at a better company because you didn’t fall victim to seasonal pressure. A well-balanced decision is usually made with an understanding of how companies operate. With the start of a new tax year, companies receive a surge of money to spend, and new plans and strategies for growth and development are in place, so this would be your time to get noticed and get hired. By the end of April many companies have sent through their accounts, which means projects for the year have been approved and companies can start hiring.

So, if you are a jobseeker looking to make that move and improve your situation because you haven’t achieved the ‘new you’ yet, then we want to hear from you, so we can discuss your options and how CBSbutler can help you obtain a more positive career move.

Equally if you are the employer looking to grow and make some new hire’s in 2017/18, then this is the year you need to work with us. We really invest in our people and put forward candidates who are ambitious and driven to be hired.

Contact us on 01737 82200 to tell us about your growth plan, and how you are perceived as an ‘employer of choice’. We have several candidates right now looking to become better versions of themselves who offer real skills and motivation that is driven by the desire to grow and develop.

New beginnings can start anytime; you are in control of your work destiny and by researching company trends and hires, you’ll probably find that now is a good time to dust off your CV and start applying for a new position for that ‘new you’

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