Cyber Security - the need for specialists to protect UK Businesses

Cyber Security - The need for specialists to protect UK businesses

Behind every new hack or data breach, there’s a company scrambling to put out the fire?

It’s fair to say that throughout 2017, the lack of effective cyber security has constantly been hitting the headlines; UK businesses small and large have become vulnerable due to a lot of factors. Over the last 10 years, companies have been happy to stick with a simply desktop antivirus, a firewall and running backups with - out of date software. This old IT framework reveals how bad we’ve set ourselves up.

Are UK organisations failing at Cyber security?

Well, to put it bluntly, yes they are; IT departments are small and not treated as part of the business, they have a really small budget and tend to hot step around security practices and policies rather than pay out the high cost or deal with the complexity to deploy, migrate and run sophisticated software.

The widening skills gap also doesn't help, there is not enough experienced specialists at hand to train internal staff and warn teams on how to spot an eminent attack, probably because they actually don't know themselves; a basic lack of training, education and salary increase, also adds up and contributes in making businesses vulnerable in todays' digital world.

At the same time, however CEOs and CTOs are realising that their business needs protecting; cyber hacking isn’t going away anytime soon, and it is now an everyday occurrence - Hacks such as WannaCry and the latest Petya Hack attack from Ukraine proved that. The need to manage cyber security is paramount and has also led to a surge of new job openings, where the demand for cyber specialists has risen to approx. 1 Million (figs. from 2016) it has now been predicted that by 2019 we will have a global shortage of two million cyber security professionals. This is a troubling number considering the amount of attacks that are publicly known. Agencies are inundated with specialist job roles in the cyber security sector, however they are unable to fill them. With the uncertainty of Brexit and with the new 'Settled Statuses' being offered to existing EU nationals who have already been living here for a while, it has been very hard for recruiters to obtain the best applicants.

What have we learnt from our bad habits?

It is clear from all this that the the need for Cyber security specialists in business is now one of the top 3 business challenges faced by CEOs in 2017. It’s no longer an IT challenge it’s a business one, and there is no room for poor investment. The rise of 'cloud based computing' and the 'Internet of things' with multiply devices is increasing the threat of attack. You simply cannot defend your business with outdated tools and out of touch staff.

Without the right security specialist, how quickly are you really going to react to a threat?

An industry-leading survey commissioned by Citrix and The Ponemon Institute reveals interesting global trends in IT security. It outlines how businesses need to implement the right steps quickly, to ensure they are safe from threats. This can be achieved with a simple security framework alongside a specialised security expert, who has a great mix of technical, analytical and critical thinking.

Hiring the right person could play a huge difference in the way your UK business is protected against cyber crimes:

Your hired specialist needs to implement proper IT strategies’. Without their ability or knowledge on new technologies, you will struggle to fully protect your business. The great thing about having an in-house specialist is not only can they raise awareness to internal staff with in-house training, but also they can immediately identify vulnerabilities, foreseeing potential risks as and when they happen.

When you know its time to strengthen your security and create a security culture in the workplace, then its time to hire right. There is no room for outdated and inadequate solutions you need someone who will keep your organisation safe, enhance user productivity and reduce IT operation costs. Once you have this in place your chances of attack will be low, and you will see the real benefits of hiring the right cyber security specialist.

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