Top 10 tech Companies with women executives

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Tech Board

  Your representation of Women is still uneven

After the revelation of the BBC's gender pay gap it is no wonder women struggle to get ahead in industries that they are ruthlessly underpaid in for doing exactly the same job as men. The same applies in engineering and technology, an industry crying out for new fresh talent, completely rejects an entire gender by not having enough senior women in high powered tech companies to even inspire the next generation. Out of the top ten technology companies in the world, how many do you think women held executive positions for?

This clever infographic by reveals how imbalanced gender diversity is, in senior tech roles in some of the biggest companies in the world. With technology companies desperately trying to shed gender inequality this infographic shows how the industry still lags behind others around the world.

If we don't change the way we inspire our young girls at school, how can we expect them to be interested in pursuing high tech jobs knowing that they are never going to reach those high executive positions and ever earn decent salaries; not only are they dealing with a male dominated industry with salaries that are incredibly low (2017 Salary Survey here) but we also have a curriculum at schools based around the way boys learn in these subjects. We have to get rid of the myth that technology is a boys subject. Schools need to provide a diverse breadth of learning styles by understanding that girls learn differently; if we can expose girls to computers at a young age and apply more project based work then we will probably attract a whole new gender to the industry.

The skills gap is only going to get wider and we need to appeal to all genders to be interested in STEM related careers. Once we have implemented a new learning style to inspire young women to pursue these subject and jobs then one day we might find the balance in the board room tip the other way.

Take a look at this eye opening infographic, definitely room for improvement I'd say...