Young Children get inspired by F1 Live London

F1 Live London makes engineering Cool



A week on and children in London have been inspired by #F1LiveLondon




Did #F1LIveLondon just make Engineering Cool?

Hold the press, did we just put Engineering and cool in the same sentence? I think you'll find that we did... On June 14th 2017 F1 achieved a fait accompli. They significantly changed the way that young people looked at engineering, and they’ve achieved this without compromising the enjoyment of their loyal die-hard fans who flocked to London to see a magnificent spectacle of cars and drivers. This was a fantastic achievement where a huge Brand took it upon themselves to hold an event not only to promote the world of motor sport but also to show young aspiring children that engineering can be fun, rewarding and exciting.

#F1LiveLondon was all about inspiring a generation, the organisers of F1, Westminster city council and the mayor of London managed to pull off probably the most expensive and high risk event London has had for some time; with all 10 racing teams coming together outside a race weekend on a public show; they did not disappoint. London went wild and social media streams were full of racing cars and drivers who mingled with the crowds against the fantastic back drops of our Capital city. Racing stars like Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa brought the magic of motor sport to the streets of London.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: "F1 Live London was a brilliant opportunity to show young people in our city that learning about science and engineering can provide them with fantastic careers, and can be great fun.”


he went onto to say "It also brought fans of all ages and background together to celebrate a sport they are passionate about and in which Britain is a world leader”

This tremendous spectacle, oozed style and exhibitionism that wooed spectators and excited school children all over London. – The Live show was streamed online and what better way to kick start the show with all 10 cars lined up outside the National gallery. The cars then moved through London at high speed, doing doughnuts and wheel spins to get the crowds excited before the drivers and teams walked around the streets greeting, posing and signing autographs for their fans.

But ultimately the most inspiring attraction of the whole event was that children and young adults were given the chance to learn about careers in Formula1 at the schools and Innovation showcase which were also located in Trafalgar square. Many brands would not normally take time out of a race season to do this but F1 proved how easy it was.

Cllr Robert Davis, deputy leader of Westminster City council said    “Westminster city council has been working closely with the F1 teams and the Mayor of London to enure school children in central London will benefit from this exciting event.....

We hope that they will leave Trafalgar square awed and inspired, with an eye on anyone of the myriad career opportunities in British Motorsport and beyond. Westminster is fully supportive of this type of event and we have worked with all authorities to keep disruption to an absolute minimum”

The whole event was an incredible success, children, parents and teachers were educated about careers linked to Formula 1 and skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Lets hope this has set the mark for other big brands and companies as they all have to understand that they can do there bit. It is widely accepted now that we have a widening skills gap and we all need to work together to fill it with home grown talent.

#F1LiveLondon brought 3 organisations to the event that encouraged young children to get excited about engineering and motor sport.

Attendees at the event:

F1 in Schools Ltd:

For children aged 11 to 18, a non-profit company established in the UK in 2000. Its remit is to give an opportunity for students to learn all about STEM-related subjects, with the aim of helping them into a career in engineering and motor sport specifically.

Formula Student Europes:

For those looking at higher education, they can turn to Europe's most established educational motorsport competition. Its aim is to develop young engineers and encourage more young people to take up a career in engineering. On the day they had fun activities for younger children, which included racing simulators, pit stop challenges and remote-control racetracks.

and Finally D2BD - Dare to be different -

Emphasizing the importance of all children feeling empowered to follow a career in motorsport, Dare To Be Different (D2BD), a UK-based group started by ex-driver Susie Wolff in 2016, gave talks to female schoolchildren. D2BD offers time with some of motorsports’ leading women such as Williams’ team principal Claire Williams, with the goal of inspiring, connecting and celebrating women in the sport

For those of you that missed this event the pics and videos and still flying around racing social media channels. In the mean time lets hop that F1 has inspired other companies to be apart of this in the future.