CBSbutler's Recruitment News for July 2017

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Julys' Recruitment News 2017
'The Movers and Shakers'

It’s been a month of exciting big wins and great internal promotions, CBSbutler has smashed all targets for July and there has been some great talent acquisitions and internal promotions. It’s been a month where we have celebrated the success of our top ‘over-achievers’ in the '110% club winners' who have proved that with hard work and determination you can excel at every level.

Our culture here at CBSbutler is to support and reward those consultants who strive to be the best and who really care about placing the right candidates in the right positions. Consultants today are forever getting a bad rap; so it is fantastic to see that our talent at CBSbutler has not let these views deter them in their career endeavours.

So, without no further ado I would like to introduce you to our movers and shakers for July 2017:

In our support team, we have 2 new extra staff: Gill Tomkins who has started as an Administrator and Amena Banu Finance Administrator. Welcome to the team ladies we hope you enjoy your time here at CBSbutler.

We have also hired Lada Madlova, as a Resourcer who joined David Rowe's aviation team. With every new talent to the sales teams we always like to put a piece together on them, its always good to see the real person behind the phone. 

So, I asked Lada several trivial questions, some of which where ridiculous but all seem to reveal a little about her personalty. Ultimately Lada is an approachable friendly person who I think will go far just because if any one can juxtapose the lifestyle found in India with a thrill seeking desire to ride the tallest roller coaster in the US, then I am pretty sure Lada can deal with most situations....
“I’m the girl next door…who enjoys good food, being outdoors and loves spending time with family and friends…I want to go and experience India, and I also want to experience the ‘Top Thrill Dragster’, which is Ohio’s tallest coaster…’ (just in case any of you didn’t know). If I could be any super hero or villain I would make sure my powers included speaker of all the languages of the world. The Dinosaur that would best describes me is a Brachiosaurus, and my favourite ice cream flavour is Chocolate’

Thanks, Lada and good luck with your new position. We also want to congratulate several internal staff members that have been promoted due to their excellent performances.

Tom McParland: who has successfully passed all of the criteria to be promoted to consultant, has been praised by his Line manager Phil Johnson (Account Director) who went on to comment
Tom has beaten all of his GP targets over the last 3 quarters and has shown drive and determination to build his accounts to great levels – with more to come. Congratulations Tom!”

Georgia Dye also got promoted last month to senior Resourcer her Team lead Bethan Conroy went on to share some inspirationally comments.
“Georgia is one of the hardest working individuals I know, who’s drive and effort is reflective in her consistent high performance. Well done Georgia on a thoroughly well-deserved promotion!”

Isobel Salino has been promoted to Account Manager her line manager John Docherty (Client development manager) commented on her achievements
I am delighted to announce that Isobel has been promoted to Account Manager. She has worked for some time with our key accounts, and in recognition of her hard work, will be providing a dedicated service to these important organisations”


and our final internal promotion went to Alisna Magar. Alisna’s line manager was also thrilled to announce her success:
I am delighted to announce that Alisna is being promoted to Associate Consultant. Employed as a Resourcer, Alisna has shown a strong sales ability, securing deals with 3 new customers as well as additional interviews running with several other new customers. Please join me in congratulating her on a well-deserved promotion.”

Good luck to everyone and we wish you every success in your new roles.

Be sure to tune in next month with our latest hires for August, it is definitely an exciting time to work for CBSbutler.