Introducing our 2017 110% Club Winners

Meet CBSbutler's 110% Club Winners 2017

Introducing our big hitters as they confirm that 
A'level results day will not define you!

The results are in, the winners have been announced, the champagne has been popped and presentations have finally been made. We would like to introduce you to you our 110% Club Winners for 2017. Massive congratulations goes to: Jamie Thorpe, Jamie Liddell, Bethan Conroy, James Brookes, Kayhan Ozturk, Tom McParland, Isobel Salino, Georgia Dye, Sam Bason, Dave Rowe and Jamie Kenward. 

Our successful employees have out-performed and achieved great results this year by smashing their set targets; we are proud to be awarding them with an all-expenses paid trip to Barcelona. This year’s winners have excelled tremendously and have revealed how passionate they are about their jobs, and we are proud of all of them. David Leyshon CEO at CBSbutler commented on the success of his staff...

"The Nou Camp is in for a shock as CBSbutler's big scorers are coming! I am very proud of the guys, and their outstanding performances have made a mockery of their targets. I do hope that they'll celebrate as big billers should!'

Our top earners where keen to express their joy, and share some advice to those receiving their A'level results. Tom McParland a recruitment consultant in aviation was keen to point out that A'level results are not going to define you.

“I am very happy to be acknowledged in this way, I have worked hard all year and I am looking forward to my weekend away. Teachers always doubted me as I was the loud and proud one who had potential but was easily distracted, but at the end of the day an exam result does not define who you are as a person, or your future as a professional. Work hard, play hard!”

Thanks Tom, great points raised. Isobel Salino Account Manager also wanted to share her feelings on being a winner...

“I am incredibly proud when I surpass any target, in this case such a fun reward makes it even more worth it. I think that if you want to achieve something, keep pushing until you accomplish it and once you are there, just keep going! A target is there to be exceed, not just hit.”

Bethan Conroy Team lead at CBSbutler went on to add..

"Being part of the 110% club feels great! Receiving recognition as an 'over-achiever' is always nice, and the high commission and holiday to Barcelona obviously helps! I am looking forward to spending a long weekend with friends that I have grown close to over the last 4 years here.
The success I've experienced at CBSbutler comes down to one factor, attitude. The skills and knowledge to recruit well can be taught easily, I don't think it is a particularly difficult profession to understand. However, it is one with huge earning and progression potential. To be successful and receive the big bonuses and promotions, you have to have the right attitude. You have to be prepared to work hard, to keep trying even when you get knocked back, to listen and learn. Overtime you will succeed".

A'level results maybe trending on socials and there is an overwhelming sense or need to being placed and accepted by an university, but the most important thing for you to remember today, is that exams will not define your life. Our big hitters demonstrated that today; when asked if they owe todays achievement to their A'level results, some of them looked at me like I was insane; David Leyshon succinctly put it:
"For many years I've championed the need for vocational studies as opposed to the proliferation of degree courses. I'm delighted that this is translated now in far reducing demands for universities and for the coming years as vocational course are gaining credibility. I foresee this trend continuing".

So its best to remember that success is measured in many different ways and you need to be open to all your options. 

Edited 21st August 2017