Legomasters the power of the Brick

#LEGOMASTER Episode One has Arrived!

Engineers and children all over are excited about
'The Power of the Brick!'

Channel 4’s ‘Lego Masters’ has definitely hit the right cord with thousands of Lego enthusiasts and engineers. Think of it as a Great British Bake off inspired competition but with Lego.

The series is on the hunt to find Britain and Irelands most talented amateur Lego builders, and each programme will see them put through a series of Jaw dropping challenges. Last night which was the opening episode saw the contestants build a massive banquet feast which had to include one seat that would withstand the weight of the presenter Melvin Odoom from KISS Radio FM.

Just in case you missed last night’s viewing here is everything you need to know to get it series Linked

When is it on?

Lego Master started Last night 24th August and will be on air every Thursday at 8pm for 4 weeks on Channel 4

Who is presenting?

KISS FM presenter Melvin Odoom was on top form last night as presenter of the show, with his usual sense of humour and wit each week he will be joined by a different celebrity

Who are the judges?

The head judge is no other than the Matthew Ashton: The Vice president of Design for the Lego Group. His passion for Lego is incredible and he has such a wonderful appreciation for the art of the brick it is actually awe inspiring. Each week Matthew will also be joined by different expert judges from fields of engineering and art & design.

The first Judge was the multi-award winning structural engineering Roma Agrawal, best known for her work on The Shard. It was fantastic to see a Women representative for the engineering industry. She was a clever and fantastic choice for the opening show, as channel 4 obviously wanted to represent women in engineering in a positive and inspiring way and show how young girls could also be Lego enthusiasts.

Who are the celebrity guests?

Channel 4 has cleverly roped in some celebrities who are big fans of the brick to bring more gravitas to the show. Celebrities like Richard Osman, Bill Bailey and Dara O’Briain will be making appearances throughout the series and help Melvin with his quick wit whip and banter.

Who are the contestants?

Well that’s the beauty of the whole show, the competition was open to anyone and you really have a mixed bag. Out of the 48 pairs they wilted it down to contestants that included two nine-year old friends, a pair of adult fans of LEGO (aka AFOLs), a pair of girl cousins, a mother and son combo, a farther and son duo, an uncle and nephew team (the Uncle admits that this is the first time he is using his mechanical engineering degree), two engineering students from Cambridge and two 12-year old pals who play nothing but Lego at home.

What are the tasks like?

The tasks are brilliant they have all been put together to really sift out the best amateur Lego builders. Much like the 'bake off' the contestants are judged on a series of challenges that have been designed to test the Lego builder’s skills with a planned build, and unplanned build and a master build…do you feel like you are in Lego movie yet? Every week there will be a different theme where 2 teams are judged off as the worst builders.

Here are the most impressive builds from last night:

Images from Channel 4

Next weeks episode looks incredible, after watching the preview at the end of this week’s show, week two is where the teams have to create an unplanned build. The teams are given just 3 hours to build of a mode of transport where half way through they have to switch their builds with another teams one so their final model will be a unique hybrid of the two. Genius!

As the weeks go on no doubt the challenges will become more harder and bigger.

The final will see two remaining teams battling out to create one final master build where they will have 2 weeks to realise a master creation measuring 2 x 2 metres and using up to 500, 000 bricks.

The winners will have their master build revealed to the general public at the Design Museum in Kensington London.



I have to say that this is a great way to get kids thinking about #Engineering, even if it is all subliminal. Something as simple as Lego is a great toy that inspires children to build and stretch their minds with creativity and innovation. Our young Lego-builders are our future inventors and this kind of show will inspire and encourage the next generation to pursue careers that can be fun. It all starts with a coloured brick that will inspire a generation to learn and apply the same build processes to STEM related careers. Channel 4 has created blockbusting TV that is already set to win hearts and minds.

Every Thursday on Channel 4 8pm