Bidding Starts for HS2 London Stations

Bidding starts for HS2
London Stations

4,000 jobs will be created during construction

As the development of London Euston continues, the plans for HS2 High Speed2 Rail project is hitting its next level. Old Oak common designers are currently looking for contractors to start bidding for the £3bn worth of work. Contractors have until the end of the year to submit their tender and bids with the intention of being awarded the project by autumn 2018. The winning contractor will be responsible for programme management, procuring, integrating and managing the complex supply chain. Ultimately they will help create the best possible customer experience in the London stations that are being built to accommodate the expansion.

Not only is this project foreseen to be a huge catalyst of growth for the rail industry across the UK, but it will create fantastic economic opportunities throughout London, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, West and the East Midlands. Birmingham stations alone has already promised 52,000 jobs and when London Euston is eventually developed it will create eleven new platforms and could support 14,000 new jobs, overall we are looking at an estimated development of 79,000 jobs and 29,000 homes by 2026. Full expansions details and construction firms leading Phase 1 and Phase 2

This is great news for the construction and rail industry, we have lagged behind our European neighbours in terms of high speed rail for a long time, and with Brexit none the clearer, we need to ensure that we have the right infrastructure in place to improve workforce mobility throughout our own country. If we close our doors on migrant workers or make work visas incredibly difficult to obtain, then HS2 will be a significant monetary investment in the UK, where we can start to utilise our talent pool across regions and entice workers to move out of their comfort zones. With the backing of the Great Northern Powerhouse initiative this is something they have been striving to create in the UK for a long time; a rebalance of the country’s economy for the long-term investment into industries in the North. Towns and cities that have long been ostracised from development and investment, now have the opportunity to receive funds to redevelop towns, cities and stations to accommodate HS2, bringing a wealth of new investment and opportunities.

The creation of HS2 between the north and south will give businesses the confidence to move out of London and set up offices in the north, and with a 45-minute commute rather than 83 minutes travelling from Birmingham to London, this becomes a far more appealing prospect. The real value of the project will be seen by businesses who will have an increased pool of labour, the transfer of knowledge and the redistribution of wealth and social mobility that can capitalise on its diverse labour supply. With London generating at least 22% of UK GDP, this could be dispersed more evenly once HS2 is up and running and with prospect of over ground development reaching further afield.

London Euston HS2 Station is the most complicated contract to bid for because the full scope of works will not be established until the Autumn. Five bidders have already been named in the running for Euston Master Development Partner contract. These include: Westfield Europe, (led by Argent), Canary Wharf Group, Land Securities and Lendlease Europe. Read more on the proposed development and plans for over station development in The Construction enquirer

The Built Environment team at CBSbutler commented:

“The whole project is exciting as the sheer scale of development promises great job opportunities especially areas in design and management professionals. One can foresee that civil discipline engineers and BIM modellers will be in high demand as we move towards the latter part of the year”.

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