6 step guide to protect yourself from the Ransomware 'BadRabbit'

How to protect your business from 


Another ransomware attack that bears similarities to WannaCry and Petya has hit Europe. So here at CBSbutler we have gathered useful tips and put together a 6-step guide which you can use to action your own cyber security strategies.

If you haven’t already done so, then you are probably leaving your business wide open for attack. 

How to protect your business from Ransomware

Sources gathered from: Kaspersky Labs, Independent, BBC  and ibtimes 

'BadRabbit' is the latest cyber-attack that is completely paralysing workstations and servers. The hackers behind the attack are targeting corporate networks, and are infecting devices through hacked websites of large media organisations in Russia.

Cyber Criminals behind the attack are locking computers down and are demanding 0.02 bitcoin, which is the equivalent of £220. Reports yesterday evening have revealed that 'BadRabbit' has already spread through Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Germany and could affect several other countries who have not implemented strong cyber security procedures.

If you haven't followed the 6-step guide, then this is the time to start. Changing your security procedures isn’t easy when you have an old system in place, tough changes and hires will need to be made. With cyber criminals getting more sophisticated with their attacks so must you with your security and your specialist hires.

Here at CBSbutler we are constantly looking to connect our clients with the industry's best talent. We can help find your cyber security frontline as we have a proven track record of providing specialists into Infrastructure, Software, ICT systems and Internet Businesses. We take great pride in our search and selection processes when identifying candidates. 

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