David Leyshon is thrilled with the Sale of CBSbutler.

The Sale of CBSbutler to
Staffing 360 Solutions

Chairman David Leyshon gives his views on the sale of CBSbutler. As the leading specialist in Engineering and IT recruitment, CBSbutler prides itself in providing clients with in-depth knowledge and expertise that only niche consultancies can provide. It has been an incredibly exciting time over the last 6 months and with great sale results throughout Q1 - Q3, it is clear that we are heading for a smashing Q4.

David Leyshon is proud to finally move the brand forward with Staffing 360 Solutions; whose strong presence in the US recruitment industry puts us in a good position, with an influential company who wants to ‘buy and build’ their UK divisions and hit their target growth revenue of $500 million. The future is bright and David Leyshon shares his thoughts on the whole experience:

“Now the dust has settled on the deal - official announcements have been made, I’m personally delighted that everyone’s efforts have been handsomely rewarded and in particular all of the many loyal troops who have received significant pay-outs through their share options. From the outset, we always wanted to reward as many committed individuals who made a positive contribution and the Executive Team have certainly delivered on their side of the bargain.

Through the stimulating journey we clearly had to kiss a lot of frogs and make some tough decisions but we were always confident of the outcome. CBSbutler is a quality brand with a core of excellent managers who deliver consistently year in and year out.”

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