Q4 MES Market Review

Q4 MES Market Review

Pharma and Process Minds
 Berlin - Sept 2017

Last Month our MES specialist team headed out to the 6th annual Pharma MES conference in Berlin. Both Daniel Langley and James Brooks who are leading MES consultants here at CBSbutler found the event to be a brilliant platform to share their knowledge on recruiting for MES talent

The conference brought together all stakeholders who play an active role in the Pharma industry and the life sciences scene; and both Daniel and James met up with a lot of industry leaders, who were keen to talk about their experiences in MES and the challenges they are facing when recruiting for talent with the right experience.

Daniel Langley shares his thoughts on the whole event and what he took away from the conference in his latest pulse post called ‘Q4 MES Market Review’:

With the Global Manufacturing industry going through a period of extended growth and prosperity, attracting and securing top MES talent is a challenge every organisation faces. Recently at the MES and Process Minds Event in Berlin I found every person I interacted with reiterated the same message.

This year CBSbutler has partnered with a huge number of organisations with operations within Germany. There are MES providers from both a licencing and consulting perspective - All with the same mission statement to increase manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs for their clients.

The challenge they all face is finding the best-in-market talent to ensure they achieve their clients’ goals. With the current level of unemployment at 3.9% (as of April 2017) finding an 'active' MES candidate is a near impossible task.

This means sourcing 'passive' candidates. What that really means is having a Proactive hiring strategy. What is your strategy when it comes to Proactive hiring? Do you even have a proactive hiring strategy? Have you even considered establishing one?

If the answer is no - how do you focus on satisfying current clients, sourcing new ones, bidding on projects and keeping competitors from extracting your current staff with the anxiety of not knowing if or when you will be able to secure the Consultants, Engineers, Project Managers or Program Managers that will fuel your projects in 2018 and beyond? You could outsource your proactive recruitment to CBSbutler, the recognised industry leaders in technical, engineering recruitment!

With more than 30 years of experience proactively recruiting best-in-market talent within Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Manufacturing, Control's and Automation Sectors, CBSbutler has an impressive and vast network of related professionals. Many who continue to work closely with our niche teams due to our reputation and hiring success within the industry. CBSbutler has also recently been acquired by Staffing 360 Solutions, a NASDAQ listed professional staffing solutions provider which has given us an extensive US footprint.

As a client, if you have a challenging 2018 planned with critical projects and assignments to deliver against, CBSbutler welcome the opportunity to support you in ensuring you’re strongly positioned to win the arms race for top MES talent available.

As an MES professional who may be interested to hear about some of the exceptional clients I am working with, we would welcome a conversation with you.

 Thanks for reading, Daniel 

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