Return of the 110% Club

Return of the 110% Club

CBSbutler’s big billers (the 110% club) hit Barcelona last weekend on their annual pilgrimage to celebrate in style. Fully expecting to be engulfed in protest and the odd fracas they all arrived back in one piece – how boring! 

The all-expenses paid trip certainly lived up its expectations and more! 

Rugby Man Tom said, 

I think we competed well with the locals - we showed them what having a good time really meant! Awesome weekend - can't wait to be apart of the next one!”

Unfortunately, Johnny boy hit the vino big time on landing and let his colleagues down badly by not surfacing again until the evening. He then got his comeuppance later when he was fleeced losing his treasured Rolex, that he actually won as part of the company's 'Millionaire Club'!

Suffice to say everyone had an ‘enlightening’ experience and got through a significant amount of dosh. As with all good recruiters, they came back with a raft of embellished stories and boasts. The Catalonian capital can now relax - the CBSbutler troops are back at their desks. We look forward to the 2018 110% club trip when the story will continue. 

Where to next we ask?.....