Excellent Reviews for our CBSButler Consultants

The man of the hour,
Sam Bason receives rave reviews.

We are proud to share some excellent feedback for one of our Lead Consultants in Technical engineering, Sam Bason.

Sam's client in aerospace and defence was looking for a candidate with a specific set of skills. Sam did everything right when he matched the best person for the job. However, it was the positive feedback that followed, that stuck a cord with Sam. (See the full feedback below
"Their service was fantastic, I had a telephone call from Sam saying he had matched my CV to a client’s requirements, as I was interested he sent the well detailed information over straight away, the position was as though it was my ideal job.

A few hours after letting him know I would like to proceed he called me back to say they were interested and got back to me the following day with an interview date, time, place, and the person name and their contact details.
A week before the interview, I was sent an email with some really good pointers and techniques for interviews and also for competency based interviews, along with a crib sheet of 'things not to do' and different scenarios, which was really helpful and called again to see if I had got the email and if I needed any help.

The morning of the interview I was called to see how I was and to wish me luck. We spoke in the evening after the interview and after being told that they were interested in me, he would keep me in touch as other candidates were also being interviewed, and to his word every few days we spoke, keeping me up to date on how the company was doing in terms of progressing an offer and negotiating a salary until the day he was able to send me a summary of the offer and benefits. Within a few hours of accepting the offer, he sent the Company’s references form to complete and a suggested start date, this was dealt with quite quickly too!

My chosen references were happy with the way they were contacted and how that was done. Should I look to change my role in the future, I will be getting back in touch with Sam, his matching skills, professional, helpful and friendly manner is a credit to CBS Butler."

CBSbutler are always proud to see our staff demonstrate outstanding levels of customer service. Our consultants are always committed to delivering
the best talent to our clients, and a combination of specialist insight, a proven track record, qualifies us to be credible ambassadors for both clients and candidates.

When we read positive reviews like Sam's, it just confirms our mission statement, 
we find talent where others fail...

If you are looking for your next career move and you like our work ethos, then please get in contact with our internal recruitment team.  We are looking for  consultants who are interested in wealth creation, career development and employee engagement. We have a fantastic, fun work culture with lucrative and awesome perks 

Well done Sam