Wednesday Is D-Day

 Wednesday is D-Day

David Leyshon, Managing Director at CBSbutler comments on Wednesday's looming Budget.

“D-day is almost upon us re: IR35 plans for the Private sector ….fully expecting Hammond’s budget to announce the long awaited ‘worst kept secret’. At least we can now push for clarity and make solid plans.

Based on the fall-out from the Public sector, every likelihood is that the raid on PSC’s will materially impact the government’s much heralded enterprise economy and ultimately fail to realise their bullish tax revenue expectations.

Moreover, Hammond’s credibility has once again taken a dip over clumsy ‘zero unemployment’ claims as per Andrew Marr’s interview yesterday. We only have to look around to see that most of the employment stats are shored up by tenuous factors, e.g. zero hour contracts."

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