Poor Management is driving people to consider a new job in 2018

Poor Management

Poor Management is driving people to consider a new job in 2018

According to Paul Devoy, Head of Investors of People, "This year, 47% of British workers are looking to move jobs. Despite the reduction in the proportion of those considering a job move from last year's findings, there are now 1 in 4 workers feeling unhappy at work, citing poor management as the core reason for wanting to move jobs"

Last year, unemployment reached an all time low since 1975, but with wages stagnated, any improvements in the labour market has not translated into the pockets of UK workers and many are blaming poor management. 

According to research produced by Investors in People in their annual job Exodus Survey 2018, these are the top four reasons why people are seeking a new job in 2018.

Main Reasons you are not happy in your job

Source: Job Exodus trends - Investors in People

If you are feeling disheartened by your current work situation, then isn't it time to revaluate your position and what you are really worth?

Here are some of the headlining stats that reveal how poor management drives dissatisfaction amongst employees. 

Headline Statistics

The start of the New Year hails the perfect time to make a change, we all use it as an excuse for self revelation and new beginnings, as it is the perfect time to start fresh and look for new opportunities. At the same time, employers need to use it as a time to reflect and change their employee retainment strategies and find new ways to retain their staff.

Here are three simply steps that can help:

  • Empower your employees
  • Offer them small pay rises
  • Provide opportunity for growth and development.

Once employers understand the main problems in their workforce and find ways to motivate, nurture and retain talent then the annual need and desire to change jobs might not be such a problem.
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