The Power of Data! The Rise of the Travel App

The Power of Data!
The Rise of the Travel App

With so many industries obsessed with the collection of data, none more so than Aviation, Data has become the most sought-after commodity in the aerospace industry, and it is being harnessed in so many different ways:

The steps the industry is taking to tap into passenger trends and 'likes', via their online activity has advanced incredibly. Some cynics have suggested this is ‘big brother’ tactics, however when you look at how smooth our travel experiences have become, aren’t you glad the aerospace industry is finally getting it right?

I don’t know about you, but I like my travel experience tailored around me, I want Wi-Fi on a plane and I want the ability to order products and services online and pick them up on arrival at my destination. I want an improved passenger experience, and allowing my data to be used, enables that. Your whole airport and travel experience is being personalised by your search history and today a new type of traveller is born, the ‘tailored traveller’. Big players like Boeing, Airbus, Gogo, and Inmarsat understand that the more customer-centric and efficient they become, by offering a more personalised experience for the passenger, the more profit they will make.

The Rise in demand for Travel Apps

All this has seen a big rise in the demand for exciting apps that are developed in order to assist and tailor your travel plans. At CBSbutler we often speak to companies who are developing apps that collect data in this manner; one company, in particular, is currently developing a travel app that lets you plan out every step of your travel experience whilst at the airport, from parking your car, to tracking your flight, they even have a detailed map of what shops and restaurants are on offer at the airport. Data is collected through the app and then used by organisations located within the airport allowing them to push out offers and products that tie in with your search history.

I am always interested in speaking to individuals that use Data in other aspects of Aviation, not just passenger experience. Airplanes today generate a lot of data with regards to engine systems, fuel consumption, crew activity and even weather systems. But transmitting or actually using this data in real time has been incredibly difficult without a connected aircraft. However, with the rise of aircraft e-enablement and sophisticated digitized systems, this has created a new generation of aircraft that can collect an incredible amount of data i.e.: Boeing 787 and the A350.

And here is the killer question, who owns the data?

Is it the Airline, is it the manufacturer or is it the connectivity service provider? Any thoughts?

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