Is Video Interviewing the future of Recruitment?

Is Video Interviewing the future of Recruitment?

"As companies rely more on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to find the right job candidates, is recruitment in danger of losing that personal touch?" Source: BBC: full article here

Video Interviewing is redefining the future of recruitment.
2018 is fast becoming the year where video interviewing works side by side with the job application and the screening process. The more video is used on LinkedIn as a tool to showcase personalities, the more recruiters will have to adopt it in their screening methods when searching for the right candidate.

Like it or not, showcasing your talents on video is on trend at the moment, and it is getting bigger. LinkedIn video has become the go-to medium to attract people and to really show off personalities and talent. Video allows the employer to visualise how a prospective candidate can fit into their culture. More importantly, companies want to hire personalities which often shine through video than on a CV. 

The world of recruitment is changing rapidly and some have even suggested that it is losing its personal touch in the wake of video, AI and augmented reality. This simply isn't true; in fact, the whole interview and screening process is dated and is just evolving to match a new generation of prospective candidates who are entering the workforce. Big brands such as Twitter, DropBox, Virgin, Apple, Facebook and Google have all implemented video as part of their recruitment strategies to find the best candidates.

It is this type of recruitment drive that usually inspires viral campaigns, that make video a more fun and appealing way to showcase your talent. Today's generation of employees are leaving university more digitally savvy and more creative in the way they market themselves to get noticed in competitive industries. They communicate in a completely different way to what we are used to, and if recruitment companies fail to tap into these trends, for fear of being impersonal, then they could jeopardise their reputation and brand by making themselves appear dated and irrelevant. 

Recruitment firms are always looking to find the best candidates, that will never change, but it is how they find them that will. Recruitment companies are currently taking all sorts of measures to get it right the first time. The rise of the SMART recruiter, who uses cross-platform advertising on social channels and video sites, appeal to millennials who are all keen to represent themselves and their personalities in creative and exciting ways.

This may not be the go-to style for many interviewers, but in the wake of AI and augmented reality more and more recruitment firms are looking to differentiate candidates quickly and video-based screening could be the way forward.