Will a Robot Recruiter be hiring you for your next job?

Will a robot recruiter be hiring you for your next job? Probably. 

The face of recruitment is changing rapidly with many firms looking to find the best way to source/profile candidates, save time and reduce costs. A number of articles on the trends of machines reveal how recruitment jobs are more susceptible to being automated. A machine does not require social perceptiveness, negotiation skills, an art of persuasion, the ability to care for others, originality or a work-life balance. They are programmed to deal with the job logically and collect data that quickly match the candidate to the jobs.

In the wake of AI and Augmented reality, human interaction with a recruiter could be side-lined for machines, seeing the biggest shake-up in recruitment for some time. Employers are looking at new trends and new ways to reduce repetitive tasks and ensure that business-critical activity remains a top priority. You see, the benefits of employing a machine would actually free recruiters to focus on qualifying candidates and converting hires.

The benefits of an AI recruiter could be huge, not only would this see an increase in the level of efficiency amongst the 360 recruiter, but having a Robot take on the screening process with the ability to assess a candidates'  voice, face and data algorithms, could result in recruiters reducing time exhausting tasks like phone screening, interview scheduling, assessing applications and pairing candidates to the right roles.

Yes, one could argue that a human recruiter would be best placed to understand backgrounds; personalities; identify how someone behaves in certain situations and if they are going to fit a client's culture. However, r
elationships that are built over the phone with an interview or a face to face meeting, are fast being replaced by the SMART recruiter. A robot that's programmed to look at things differently and find the correct mixture of skills, personalities and motivation. A SMART recruiter, will be able to create candidate profiles and shortlist candidates so teams can make fast decisions and spend more time closing hires.

Nothing can really beat human interaction - it is key when being placed in a new role. At CBSbutler we always advocate a receptive relationship-building service where people are at the heart of our business. However, change is coming and as AI becomes more complex and powerful, experts have predicted that machines will eventually reach human-level intelligence. 

2018 is set to be the year that technology impacts us all greatly and recruiters are using many techniques to look for passive and active candidates, trying to always stay ahead of the game. Recruitment firms are turning to technology to better source candidates and when they obtain data, it is used to provide a more granular view of available talent. 

With AI technologies like Mya and Arya on trend at the moment, some companies are already implementing them into their business strategies, which are proving successful.

Robo Recruiters work by:

1. Taking the role as an interviewer, where as soon as a Candidate applies for a job online, the AI interviewer instantly kicks in and sends out an automated dynamic text message, not too dissimilar to a normal text conversation.

2. The candidate then receives real-time answers with regards to earnings, ability and availability 

3.  The AI interviewer then assesses language and conversational skills to determine whether the candidate is a good fit for the company culture

4. Finally, it is the AI interviewer which will assess whether the candidate has been successful in obtaining an interview with a live hiring manager.

So, are your digital profiles ready to be screened by a Robot?

If not, then it is time to think about the way your digital profile appears online. Always ensure your LinkedIn profiles are completed correctly and ensure your digital footprint gives a fair portrayal of your professional life.