CBSbutler dance it out on International Dance Day

Sometimes an office just needs to Dance, Dance, Dance! Here is our story on International Dance Day.

Be sure to watch the CBSbutler video here

There are shortcuts to happiness and here at CBSbutler dancing is one of them. In honour of International Dance Day, our recruitment teams decided to get together and take on 'the Dance challenge' of the year.

In true CBSbutler style, our star employees took centre stage and busted out their most 'sic' dance moves ever.

We had a mixed bag of talent who were all desperate to show off their dance moves to Justin Timberlake's, "Can't stop the feeling". The CBSbutler team delivered, and all we had to do was sit back and press record.


What's the idea behind it?

International Dance Day is a global celebration that was initiated by the international theatre institute, one of UNESCO's leading performing arts partner. It was created as a beacon for the creative and social value of dance. 
Every year an outstanding person from the world of dance is chosen to write a message for International Dance Day that's circulated around the world, and one main event is hosted but ITI itself. This year's main event is going to be held down in Havana, CubaThe day was originally established by UNESCO in 1982 and is held every year on the 29th April - Empowering people to express themselves in the form of dance.

What is it today?

The idea has quickly been picked up by dance communities around the world and even the world of business has got in on the action by holding their own dance events at work. These events are not directly related to the ITI but this is their way of celebrating International Dance Day.

CBSbutler decided to get involved and support this movement by hosting its own dance-off, we had great scenes at the Redhill offices, passionate amateurs with a real love for dance boasted street dance, contemporary and salsa in a mixed bag of FUN. It's one of the best forms of exercise to do when you are stuck behind a desk all day. International Dance day should be for everyone.

How to Celebrate International Dance Day?

  1. Read this year's message for inspiration
  2. Make a video with your friends and co-workers
  3. Go out and enjoy a dance. Go to a dance party or to a club
  4. Go to your local theatre and watch a dance performance or watch dancers in your town square

The great thing about working for CBSbutler is that we don't take ourselves too seriously and we want to make sure everyone has a bit of fun.
Check out our youtube dance video here

If you enjoy dancing and celebrating social events and you think you have what it takes to join a successful sales team, then we want to hear from you.
CBSbutler is currently hiring, and we want exceptional people who want to be part of a growing brand that has an interesting take on work. We are looking for people who work hard and play hard.

With offices in London and Redhill do you think you can fit the bill?

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