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Are Cyber Security Job Vacancies Still Increasing?

If you’re thinking about going into the cybersecurity industry, but you’re wondering whether the industry is going places or not, you can rest assured that there is still a high demand for cybersecurity professionals. That is a fact that is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.

As you will probably know from reading the news day to day, cyber-attacks are most definitely on the rise. The amount of harm they are able to do is getting worse and worse as hackers and cyber-criminals learn new techniques that can hit businesses and organisations harder and harder as time goes on.

So real is the threat of cyber attacks that in the United States the Bureau of Labor Statistics project that cyber security jobs will be up 37 percent on figures from 2012 when we get to 2022. This represents a rate of growth that is much higher than the growth seen in any other industry. In real terms, this could mean that there are approximately 100,000 cyber security jobs that need to be filled in the UK, by 2022, alone. That should tell you exactly how vital cyber security jobs are, and spur you on to train as a cyber security expert if you have not done so already.

Jobs in computer science have long been in demand. However, roles that deal with security have become even more critical. That means anyone who specialises in security is likely to have much better prospects than individuals who have standard computer science qualifications.

Cyber Security Training

Since cyber security is so vital to the safety and continued operation of so many businesses, organisations and individuals worldwide, and since there are so many vacancies out there for skilled individuals in this niche, there has been an increase in Universities and colleges offering degrees in cyber security. However, it has still not become a very frequently taught aspect of computer science in many instances. That means that anyone who does undertake such studies could find themselves in an excellent position by the time they graduate and are looking for work. It’s also good news for people who are currently working in the industry because they can have their pick of available jobs.

Cyber Security Jobs

Although there are lots of cyber security jobs out there, it is not always obvious, at first glance, that various positions are actually cyber security roles. Often, cyber security jobs are billed as Security Analyst, Network Architect, or Engineer Forensics Investigator jobs. That means you will need to look carefully at the job specs to find out if a role is suitable.

Cyber security jobs are in-demand across a vast range of industries. Basically, wherever computer systems are widely used and where there is a need to design, create and manage complex computer applications, you can expect there to be a need for cyber security experts.

From small London office spaces to the enormous Global corporations of Silicone Valley, cyber security jobs are in-demand. If you can get in on the ground floor, the sky really could be the limit.