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Which is the Best Field in Engineering?


If you’re interested in an engineering apprenticeship then you might be a little overwhelmed at the number of different fields of engineering that are available. From electrical engineering to mechanical or even aerospace, there are countless different fields that you can become an apprentice in. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to talk about some of the best fields in engineering that you can pick if you’re interested in embarking on a career path with the help of an engineering apprenticeship.

It’s worth noting that all engineering fields are valid in their own way. While some do pay better than others, it’s always a good idea to go for the choice that you feel most passionate about. However, if you’re unsure what choices are available, please feel free to contact our specialist Engineering Recruitment division or read this post which will serve as a brief guide on what the different engineering fields are all about.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering is focused on designing and controlling the manufacturing of electrical devices. Electricity is an important part of our lives and provides power for virtually all of our devices and appliances, hence why the role of an electrical engineer is an important and fulfilling career path. The annual average salary of an electrical engineer is roughly £48,900.

Mechanical Engineers

Much like electrical engineers, mechanical engineers help to keep the country running thanks to their testing, maintenance and design of mechanical machines that are used in many industries. Mechanical engineers have countless career opportunities and they have a respectable average salary at £41,000 per year. Click here for mechanical engineer manager jobs.

Civil Engineers

Civil engineers are tasked with designing and surveying civil constructions such as buildings, bridges, roads and so on. If the public makes ample use of it, you can bet that a civil engineer was involved in the process at one point. Since the role is so important, civil engineers are very much needed in all cities and are among the highest-paid employees in the UK. With an average annual salary of around £41,000 and potential to greatly increase it, it’s a popular choice for apprenticeships.

Environmental and Agricultural Engineers

Environmental and agricultural engineers are in charge of designing and manufacturing modern equipment that is friendly to the planet. This means they’re experts at optimising machines to have as little impact on the environment as possible while also maintaining their efficiency. It goes without saying that environmental and agricultural engineers will be critical to the future of green energy, and their annual average salary of £40,500 reflects this.

Aerospace Engineers

Finally, there are aerospace engineers. A career in aerospace engineering involves working with sophisticated modern aeronautical systems, meaning you could be involved in the creation of new aircraft or even space crafts in the future. With an average salary from £47,800 and the potential to exceed £60,000, aerospace engineering is a lucrative and satisfying engineering field. Click here for Aerospace Engineering Jobs.

As mentioned at the beginning, every engineering field is helpful in its own way and can net you a well-paying job. If there is something you feel particularly attracted to, then it’s recommended to do a bit more research into it to see if it’s something you would enjoy before looking for apprenticeship opportunities.

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