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Are these the most boring jobs in the world?

6 May 16  | Recruitment News
The Most Boring Jobs Ever?

Everyone’s had a job at some point or another where they felt unmotivated or unchallenged, or even down-right bored. Here’s our list of some of the most boring jobs out there, as offered by the Reddit community:

“A friend of mine worked putting stickers on packed sandwiches. Each sticker had the current time and date printed. So he sat there looking at the current time the whole day. Apparently that makes the time pass painfully slow.” – Reddit user Svenskens

“Where I used to live, I’d occasionally see a 60-something woman standing outside a pizza shop, dress as a pizza slice. She always looked like she was debating handing out flyers for another day, or walking in front of a bus.” - Reddit user captainmagictrousers

“I count paper. Up to 50. Then a new stack of 50. Then again. And again. And again. And again. Then I put each of those stacks in a scanner and try to keep my eyes open enough to watch each image from each page go through error-free. All day. Every day. For years. I scan thousands of pages a day.” – Reddit user awreckthrowaway

“I used to form boxes over the summer. They gave us a cardboard net and all I had to do flex it out and tape it together. That took about 6 seconds and I did that for about 8 hours a day, standing up, loud warehouse noises drumming from all sides and the same eight songs playing on the radio non-stop.
It didn't last long.” – Reddit user Likeliest

“My dad worked at a plant where they made TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) popsicles. The popsicle has two gumball eyes. The machine would only place one eye on each popsicle, so they had to hire someone to put the other gumball on the popsicle and at a pretty quick pace! They would bring in two people every day One would always quit.” – Reddit user ilikemonkeys

“Soil infiltration testing. You dig a 4ft hole 5" wide. Stick a pvc pipe in and add 30" of water. Every hour on the hour you see how much water sank down the pipe. Some times its none. For hours.” – Reddit user NeoSpartacus

“I used to work as a guard for a nuclear weapon's storage site. It was so god awfully boring. You basically stand in a tower and stare at a fence to make sure terrorists (raccoons) don't climb over it. You're not allowed to read or do anything else that might distract you from staring at said fence. You're not allowed to sit down either. [Never again].” - Reddit user DetestPeople (We toned down the last couple of words to make them printable...)
“I was once employed to hold a door open and warn people of the step as you went through the door. I stood there all day and told people “mind the step” whilst being surrounding by posters that said the same thing, there was even black and yellow tape on the step. Regardless, people who were too busy to acknowledge me still tripped and blamed me… that was a boring and frustrating day’s work.” – Reddit user GrubbyJungle      
“1:1 sitter jobs in a hospital or nursing home in the middle of the night. Most of my 1:1 assignments have slept the whole time. You can’t watch TV in fear of waking them up (and its 2am). You can’t sleep. You can’t read (no lights, flipping pages makes noise). You just sit in the dark and watch another human sleep.” – Reddit user Bedpanjockey

“My first job in radio was running the board for NASCAR races. It was a satellite feed (before automation) so all I did was press a button when they went to local commercials, probably 3 times an hour. These would regularly be six or so hours long with the pre and post-race broadcasts. I seem to remember one race having 20+ caution flags for a 10 hour broadcast or something. I did that for a couple years.” – Reddit user NickNash1985

“A friend of mine counts 200 zip ties and puts them in a bag at an extruding plant. For 8 hours at a time. Sometimes its plastic door clops for car doors.” – Reddit user Humperdink_

“Fire watch/hole watch. In industrial settings your job entirely is to watch people work and make sure nothing catches on fire.. no phones.. no books... just 12 hours a day 7 days a week of watching.” – Reddit user Akxenolith

“I had a friend whose internship included timing how long it took freshly painted walls to dry and making observations on the drying process.” – Reddit user GnollBelle

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