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Are you a boss, or a leader?

What does it take to be a leader, rather than a boss?

One of the greatest challenges of having a position of authority in a business is balancing on the tightrope of doing what's best for the business AND the business' staff. One of the best ways to achieve this is to strive to be a leader, rather than a boss.

Healthy Society recently shared on Facebook a series of seven cartoons which, while lighthearted, provide a great comparison between some of the qualities of these two very different types of management. 

A boss says "I", while a leader says "we".

A boss blames his staff when Plan A doesn't go perfectly: a leader pulls out Plan B and keeps everyone going

A boss uses her staff as blunt tools, while a leader nurtures them to achieve their potential

A boss says "GO!", while a leader says "Let's go!"

A boss derides his staff for poor results: a leader helps his staff to improve

A boss commands her staff: a leader asks for their expertise.

We can all be leaders, whether we're a 'boss' or not!
The important thing to remember is that we can all display leadership qualities, whether we've been promoted to management yet or not. Being a leader is all about helping our colleagues, peers and friends to achieve their very best, and it's something we can start doing on the very first day of our very first job. 
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