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Charity Bake Sale

13 May 16  | CBSbutler |  Recruitment News
Skydiving and Cycling to Paris - It's All in the Name of Charity

So many cakes!

As usual when there’s a combination of cake and charity in the office, the CBSbutler staff have outdone themselves in terms of both their generosity, and their cake-eating skills. 

The hordes begin to descend... 
    Ten of our consultants and support staff donated cupcakes, chocolatey bites with a variety of toppings, cheesecakes and cake pops to the event, and the rest did their part by enthusiastically chomping down on the lot, after making a generous donation, of course.  

The bake sale is a part of the fundraising efforts for two charity events coming up in the next month for some of our consultants here at CBSbutler.
First, one of our Healthcare consultants, Chloe Daniell, is jumping out of a plane tomorrow (with a parachute, of course!) to raise money for YMCA East Surrey. Tomorrow is actually Chloe’s birthday, too – what a way to celebrate! If you’d like to make a last-minute donation to the funds Chloe’s raised, please click here!        Too... much... choice!

The second event our charitable bunch are getting involved with is the Paris 3-2-1, a bicycle ride from Redhill, Surrey, all the way to Paris! This event is also in aid of YMCA East Surrey, and takes place at the beginning of June. Eight of our staff will be jumping on their bikes and cycling a total of 184 miles through the English, and then French, countryside, to arrive triumphantly at the Eiffel Tower after 3 days of hard pedalling. The team have so far (13/5/16) raised an amazing £1,345 of their £1,600 target and it would be amazing to see them hit that target before they set off. If you’d like to help support our brave cyclists with a donation, please check out their JustGiving page

Today, our cake-loving lot have already donated a fantastic total of more than £95 in exchange for their sugar fix – who knows what’ll happen when the
3 o’clock slump kicks in?

Remember, charitable giving boosts employee engagement, so why not give your staff the opportunity to get involved with a bake sale, get out with a sponsored bike ride, or even jump out of a plane? It’s all for charity and it’s good for everyone!
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