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Graduate Recruitment firm parodies Adele's 'Hello' with hilarious results

13 Jan 16  | Recruitment News
Manchester-based Graduate Recruitment firm GradTouch Parody Adele’s ‘Hello’ – with hilarious results!

As many a graduate could tell you, the search for a job has not been particularly kind to them of late. More and more recent grads are finding themselves spending months and months after graduation sending out CVs, or, for the lucky few who do land a position, doing a job that less than a decade ago wouldn’t possibly have required a degree.

Manchester-based graduate recruitment firm, GradTouch, reached out to their candidate pool in a gesture of solidarity on Monday with a parody of Adele’s eminently successful ‘Hello’, entitled ‘Hello (from the graduate). It’s amusing, relevant and has clearly resonated with young jobseekers: in the last two days it has gathered more than 6,000 views and most of the comments feature words like ‘amazing’, ‘love it’ and ‘classic’: one even seems to prefer it to the original, saying ‘Adele’s song has finally got some meaningful lyrics’.

The video features two of GradTouch’s own employees and is, of course, meant as a joke. Indeed, the last few frames feature the message ‘Don’t do that. Do this. Sign up with us’, but it is great for a laugh and does highlight the issues many grads are facing, particularly with the refrain ‘I can’t have a degree and still be unemployed’.

We’d suggest, though, that perhaps real-life jobseekers should do a slightly better job with their applications: for example, it might be wise to proof-read your CV before sending it in, unlike the ‘Adele’ in the video who admits to not having finished doing so – is she really that surprised no-one’s called her back?

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