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It's Clean Out Your Computer Day!

8 Feb 16  | CBSbutler |  ICT
It's Clean Out Your Computer Day!

It’s National Clean Out Your Computer Day!


Yep – everything’s got a day now.

First sponsored by the Institute for Business Technology in 2000, it seems to have become a (quiet) tradition to spend an hour or so on the second Monday of February each year clearing out the old, broken and disused files and software from our computers.

Over the course of the year, files and programs build up, clogging up the memory and slowing down performance. Computers rely on unused storage space as an extension of RAM, and as the drive runs out of space – or the space that is still available becomes scattered – performance drops off and with it, your productivity. 


How to get involved:

  • Organise your files and folders: when they’re all in the right places, it’s easier to see what doesn’t belong, or has become outdated/irrelevant.
  • Delete duplicate files – it’s easy to accidentally save something twice, in different locations, and all this is doing is doubling the memory you’re using for the same information. Delete those doubles!
  • Delete old files or programs: we’re all guilty of holding on to files and programs that we’re never going to use again, just in case we might one day, far in the distant future, need them. It’s unlikely. Keep anything that could ever be mission critical, but otherwise, steel yourself and delete old files and programs: they’re just clogging things up.
  • Sort your StartUp: while you’re deleting old programs, make sure your computer isn’t loading up a bunch of unnecessary programs every time you boot up. Use the Task Manager to check which programs are loading on StartUp and disable any you don’t use regularly. You’ll still be able to use them whenever you want, but they won’t be running in the background whenever you’re working, slowing things down.
  • Back it up! Back up your files to an external hard-drive, so that should anything ever happen to your computer, you’ve got everything you need to start afresh with a new system.
  • Get literal with it – Your computer doesn’t just need a digital clean-out: it needs a very literal one too! If you eat, breathe or live anywhere near your computer and keyboard there’s bound to be dust and – yep, you guessed it – skin cells griming up your screen and gumming up your keyboard. It’ll take you five minutes and you’ll be amazed how bright your screen is and how pleasantly your keys now click. Totally worth it.


Take five minutes today and get your computer back in fighting shape – after all, where would you be without it?

It’s also, in case you’re interested, National Boy Scout Day and National Fly a Kite Day. It might be wise to avoid the latter, though, with #StormImogen raging above our heads!

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