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Job Over. New Job?

8 Apr 16  | Recruitment News
New Game? New Job!
 This CV wins the job-hunt

Finding a new job is no game, but Robby Leonardi from New York decided to turn it into exactly that. 

Click the image above to view Robby's CV in full

An award-winning illustrator, designer and front-end developer, Robby created an entire online game to showcase his skills and experience, using HTML, CSS and Javascript – three of the skillsets he wanted his CV to showcase. According to Robby, the entire project took him roughly 8 months -  from Jan to August ’13. 

Upon launching the website, 'players' are invited to scroll down, or use their keyboard's down arrow. Doing so activates Leonardi's avatar, who begins to run across the side-scrolling linear landscape, jumping to avoid any obstacles in his path. It all feels very Super-Mario. 

First, Super-Robby, as we'll call our avatar, comes to Level One, which contains the 'About' section, including broad-stroke details of Robby's skillsets, ranked according to his proficiency. These data points are represented by the game's enemies - in this case, carnivorous plants - which populate the graphs and charts throughout the CV. We learn that Leonardi is at 'Expert' level as a designer and illustrator, and is 'Proficient' with coding and animation. 

We learn that Robby lives and works in New York City, and is a sports fan - specifically the NBA.

Next, Super-Robby embarks on Level Two - Skills. He drops underwater for this level, and we meet a new class of enemies - first, piranhas! The flesh-eating fish tell us that Robby is an expert with Dreamweaver and Flash software, and is at 'master' level with Illustrator and Photoshop. Next, a horde of rather large crabs inform us of Robby's proficiency with scripting and programming languages, and lastly some turtles enlighten us as to his skills with 3D and video software. The turtles aren't particularly menacing, it has to be said. They are quite cute though. 

Level Three drops Super-Robby back on to dry land for the 'experience' section. We run through the various roles Leonardi has held since 2005, including working for AOL, Incognito Digital and Fox News. Alongside the dates and short job description, pie charts incorporated into the enemies of this level (evil automation robots?) give information as to the proportional make-up of each role: at AOL his position was entirely graphics-based, whereas at Incognito his job was split between 70% animation work, 15% coding and 15% graphics.

The final level sees Super-Robby leaping into a hot-air balloon to take us through his awards and publications, including a few that came about as a result of the website itself - he's been keeping it updated. 

Lastly, Super-Robby disembarks his balloon to loiter, blinking, on the contact page, which features a form to send a message as well as links to his Facebook, Twitter and Dribbble (a show-and-tell website for designers). 

It's inventive, ingenious and just a little fun - bravo, Robby! 

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Need a new job but don't fancy all the extra effort of creating an entire online game? Fret not - send your CV to or give CBSbutler a call on +441737822000 for a confidential chat about your professional future - who knows, maybe we've got your perfect job just waiting for you!
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