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Jobstacles - the hilarious hiring game

18 Mar 16  | Recruitment News

Recruitment might be hard work, but this new Kickstarter project makes a game of it.

Titled ‘Jobstacles’, the game is the brainchild of game creator Steve Robinson, and was inspired by real events, he says. Talking to, Robinson explained

"I was in the middle of a very tough interview last spring, where the interviewer was questioning my fit for the opened [sic] position. I remember thinking at the time 'this feels very much like a game.' Here I was, suddenly in a scenario where I had to convince this person that despite what they thought from looking at my resume, I was still the best candidate for the job. 
When I got home that day, I began scribbling down on a piece of paper all these funny characteristics that may make a person a bad candidate for one job, but a solid candidate for another. Those eventually became the inspiration for Jobstacle cards." 

Similar in style to the popular Cards Against Humanity, the game boasts over four million card combinations and ‘a fun new twist in party games’. 

The game works with three to eight players, who take turns playing the role of the 'hiring manager' who seeks to fill a position, which could be anything from spy to taxidermist, pet food taster to jewel thief. Each 'recruiter' receives a 'job' card, paired with a 'jobstacle' card, which together form their candidate. 

For example, the job posting might be for a 'comic book villain', and the available candidates might currently be employed as a rocket scientist, circus performer and lunch lady. It seems kind of obvious which would make the best supervillain - it's got to be the rocket scientist, right? Wrong! The rocket scientist doesn't understand basic technology and the circus performer casually embezzles office supplies, while the seemingly innocent lunch lady poisoned six of her colleagues with homemade baked goods! She's the villain - hands down! 

Players can choose to strengthen their own candidate or sabotage another during their turn. 'Quick thinking, laughs and constant sabotage are the name of the game', according to its Kickstarter page.

Jobstacles is currently live on Kickstarter, and has raised $6,626 (88%) of its $7,500 funding goal with 76 backers so far and 19 days to go. Included in the box are 80 Jobs cards and 80 Jobstacle cards. 

Rewards for backing the project range from a thank you for pledging $1, a phone 'print and play' version of the game for $10 backers and a single copy of the game for $20, to being able to contribute to the game itself: backers pledging $125 will get to contribute one 'job' to be included in the game, as well as receiving two copies of it, while those offering $150 will receive two copies and be able to choose one 'jobstacle'. 

Featured on Forbes and having already received rave reviews,  including "tons of fun, "a fresh spin" and "more interesting than a lot of the games I've seen out there... a little more unique", this might be the gag gift you've been needing for your favourite recruiter!


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