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Keeping up with CBSbutler

Posted by: Rana Barker 10 Jul 17  | Recruitment News

Keeping Up with CBSbutler

Introducing New hires for June.

It's has been an interesting month here at CBSbutler; the summer has finally kicked in with glorious sunshine and the start of the 3rd quarter firmly in our sights. At CBSbutler we've remained positive in a month filled with political dramas, new policies on EU nationals, and the start of Brexit negotiations. It has been a real eye opener especially with the release of this year's Salary Survey which highlighted the reality of pay in STEM related industries. The skills Gap is still very much on everyones agenda.

Our results for June however, have been excellent with great efforts made by all staff, our team leads have kept us all informed with daily activity results and successes with interviews, contracts and placements; they've all been positive which has resulted in a lot of energy amongst our consultants. 

Aside to some great wins in June we've also had some great hiring wins too, and we would like to welcome our new June hires.


Sean Hendon:

Sean has recently been hired in as a consultant for the Aviation team. Sean brings an immense wealth of skills obtained from working in estate agency for 5 years his friendly and approachable manner is already standing out.

I am brand new to recruitment but I am really enjoying it so far, my background is selling houses so this is a little bit different but an exciting change! Dave & Zac have ‘taken me under their wing’ and been really supportive helping me settle in. With both myself and Zac recently becoming Dads you can usually find us talking about who had the worst night’s sleep or who got puked on the most during the night! I’m a massive Arsenal fan so I was surprised Dave employed me as he supports spurs (poor bloke) I also enjoy other sports like Boxing & Golf, even though I’m rubbish at both.

(For more information on Aviation opportunities then get in contact with Sean on or Tel: 01737 822 000

We decided to ask Sean a couple of trivial questions as we wanted a little insight into the real Sean Hendon.

  1. What’s on your bucket list?

Sean: Helicopter ride over Grand Canyon

  1. If you had a superpower what would it be?

Sean: Time Travel

Thanks, Sean, interesting answers welcome to the team.

Bea Williams.

Bea is our newest member of the CBSbutler team, as a recent First class graduate from UWE Bristol, she brings a lot of skills to the engineering team. With a week into the job, she is already finding her feet quickly. Bea has been hired in as an Associate consultant and brings some excellent qualities with her.

“I’m relatively new to the recruitment industry, I have come from working in internal recruitment. I’ve graduated this year with a degree in Human Geography and I’m so excited to get stuck in. Obviously, I have a huge student loan to pay off, but aside from that, I’m working towards my first home. I have a little bit of a soft spot for dogs too, so you’ll most likely find me with a puppy somewhere or be walking Lottie, a Doberman I recently re-homed – when I’m not working”

(For more information on Engineering opportunities then get in contact with Bea at or Tel: 01737 822 000

We couldn’t resist but ask a Miss Williams a couple of trivial questions too – it’s always a good ice-breaker, however, after finding out that Bea started a research project on media representation of organised crime, largely on human trafficking and its victims, I couldn’t help but feel that my questions would be totally unsophisticated, well we asked them anyway….

  1. If you had one superpower what would it be?

                 Bea: Bodymorph/shapeshifter

  1. What one thing would you take onto a desert Island?

   Bea: A jetski

Good answers Bea and welcome to the team.

We also had some great internal movements this month, where a couple of our support staff moved into the Healthcare team upstairs.

Abi Indramoorthy:
Abi has worked for CBS butler for 9 months and joined the company back in 2016 as a recent graduate from Roehampton University, studying English Language Linguistics with teaching. She found herself in an administrative position after a chance meeting with the right person, and since then she has excelled tremendously in her role and has grown ambitious within the company with a desire to move into consultancy. She has joined the Healthcare team as a resourcer and is currently thriving in her position. Abi “loves it here” and is very keen to develop and grow with the company.

In her spare time Abi is also a great singer and has auditioned for this year’s Xfactor – she made round 2, but unfortunately did not get to meet Simon.

With Abi moving positions she also got the opportunity to answer some of our questions:

  1. If you could take one thing on a desert island what would it be?

Abi: I would take my ipad with me, as I couldn't survive
without Music

   2. What is on your bucket list?

                        Abi: Shoes….No... hang on that’s the German in me - I read that all wrong, my proper answer is: I would like to arrange an event where I could make my huge family of uncle’s and Auntie’s, cousins, nieces, and nephews meet, which will be over 200 people and a world trip with my fiancé

(For more information on Healthcare opportunities then get in contact with Abi at or Tel: 01737 822 000
Welcome to Healthcare team Abi

Thanks, Abi I've definitely learnt something new about you, I never knew you were engaged.

And finally Kris another internal mover.

Kristina Kuhler:

Kristina Kuhler has been with CBSbutler for some time and its brilliant to see her move into a different role within the company. 

"I have worked at CBSbutler for nearly 5 years, I started as an administrator for the Service Support Team and have just recently moved into a new role as a Compliance Administrator for the Healthcare team. This is a totally new role and compliance is new to me too. My previous and current line managers have been so supportive of me and I’m very grateful to CBSbutler for giving me this opportunity. I have 2-year-old twins and a stroppy teenager, working here gives me a break from the kids and it’s nice to have adult conversations. The people, flexible working and social events are what I love about working here."

 Of course, we couldn’t let our Kris settle in without asking her a bit of CBS trivia

 1. If you where a dinosaur what Dinosaur would you be?

Kris: Well I have been told I walk like a raptor

 2. If you where a superhero or villain what powers would you have?

Kris: The power of invisibility

Great answers Kris, but I am now going to really monitor the way you walk because I can't actually imagine how a raptor would walk...

Good luck everyone and we wish you every success in your new roles.

Be sure to tune in next month with our latest hires for July, it is definitely an exciting time to work for CBSbutler.

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