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Why you should outsource your recruitment needs

2 Dec 15  | CBSbutler |  Recruitment News
Why you should be outsourcing your recruitment needs


Outsourcing your recruitment needs can have myriad benefits, from reducing the costs and time it takes to find the perfect candidate for your role, to making sure that your new hire really is the perfect candidate, and not just someone ‘who’ll do’, and allowing your HR team to focus on their core business functions.

Here are just a few of the excellent reasons to outsource your recruitment functions to a specialist agency:

Cost reduction and consolidation

In addition to the labour costs of those sourcing your new hires, there are job-board advertisements, background screening, applicant tracking systems and the latest recruitment technologies, all clamouring for a share of your time and your budget.

Fluctuating growth or seasonal spikes in the number of employees you require can put extra burdens on your in-house team in some months and leave you with more staff than you need in times of low growth.

Both the cost and the amount of time it takes to find the perfect candidate for your vacancy can be reduced by outsourcing your recruitment needs, as specialist agencies already have all of these processes in place, and have expert staff ready to find your perfect applicant whenever you need them.

Improve quality of hire and reduce turnover rate

A dedicated recruitment team can offer you their undivided attention in finding the ideal candidate for your vacancy. Their only focus is discovering exactly who and what you need, and locating the perfect person to fill that void. This means not only someone who fits your professional requirements, but also someone who will integrate well with your company culture and existing employees. A candidate who is well-suited to both their job role and the overriding aims and philosophies of the company or organisation is usually one who is happy to remain with the company for some time.

In-house recruitment teams are usually ‘generalists’, recruiting for a number of very different roles, and can therefore lack the often rather esoteric knowledge which might be required to fill more complicated or technical roles. A specialist agency will assign an expert in the particular field you need to recruit from, who can then mine their resources, knowledge and experience to find exactly the person your business needs.

Reduce time-to-hire

In the same way that their unerring focus can mean that a recruiter can provide a higher quality of hire, they can usually offer a faster route to filling that urgent vacancy. With a vast network of contacts and high-tech recruitment tools at their fingertips, specialist recruitment consultants can call upon a wealth of knowledge and information to find your perfect new hire in a fraction of the time it might take your in-house recruiters to begin to learn the keywords they should be searching for whatever obscure role you might need to fill.

Remain competitive with larger firms

Unless you are one of the giants in today’s business world, there will always be companies with more resources allocated to recruitment than yours. By outsourcing your recruitment requirements, you utilise the specialist expertise of the agency you hire, who will introduce the talent they find to the company whose role will be best filled by their candidate, regardless of the client company’s size.

Focus on core business functions

Outsourcing recruitment needs allows businesses to focus on their own core functions, reducing the worker-hours and funds which would otherwise need to be diverted into finding yet more workers.

Periods of high-volume growth can overwhelm your HR team, leading to knock-on effects on their efficiency and productivity in other areas – which of course can heavily affect other teams which rely on HR’s support to perform.

You can leave it all to us

When you begin to list everything that is involved in hiring the perfect candidate, it can start to get a little intimidating. From mining the vast depths of the internet to find the candidate to begin with, to background checks and compliance issues; liaising with candidate(s) to organise interviews or possibly relocation and supporting them through that process to arranging training and refresher sessions, there's a lot to do! A dedicated recruitment team will take all of it off of your hands, leaving you free to focus on your business and welcoming your new hire.

Convinced? Give CBSbutler a call on 0173722000 or get in touch via and find out just how much of a difference a specialist recruitment agency can make to your business.

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